Kitchen & Bathroom Technology

The future for waterproof technology

Technology in our homes has grown at an exponential speed and no room or space goes untouched without technology these days. As we look ahead to a new year, ProofVision’s William Uttleyshares his key trends for kitchen and bathroom electricals in 2021 and beyond.

products in the bathroom and garden are made more challenging by the presence of water. To a certain extent this has slowed technology moving into these areas, but it certainly doesn’t mean it’s not there. So what is out there?


Waterproof TVs A waterproof TV built into your wall at the end

of your bath or in your shower cubicle. Why, you ask? Embracing a modern way to live. Watching the news in the shower. Relaxing in the bath, when you need your own space and you can’t get possession of the remote=control downstairs to watch that final episode of the series you have been obsessed with. IP rated ceiling speakers provide the ability to

take your playlist into the bathroom. There are also a variety of bathroom mirrors with built in sound systems - a great way to drown out your own singing in the shower!

Digital showers and baths Digital showers and automatic baths offer the

ability to run your bath as you are stuck on the motorway on your home. Digital showers that memorise each person’s desired temperature in the house. As we all know, technology is all about making our lives easier, and such new features save you time - a precious commodity in the modern world. Who said you couldn’t buy time?

The modern shaver socket The shaver socket is often the item in a

modern bathroom that feels outdated, meaning we have devised mirror cabinets and lights to try to conceal the traditional shaver socket. ProofVision now has an exclusive range of electric toothbrush charger solutions for Oral-B electric toothbrushes, to hide all those messy wires

Japanese toilet The Japanese style toilet. We have all come

across one but we have all probably never owned one. Features such as seat warming, lifting the lid for you and putting it back down as

30 | electrical wholesalerNovember 2020

you approach, offering a spray of water at any temperature you want. Some come with apps so that each member of the family can have a personalised experience. Not to mention a sensor activated nightlight to give a soft glow to help you find your way at night.

The future is automatic Some technology products are gimmicky;

others are useful. The concept of a smart mirror AI is yet to be mastered, but the ability to have your own AI, GP, dentist, fitness trainer in your bathroom, there for any questions and an update as you brush your teeth gives us an insight on how far this could go. There are in fact already smart mirror solutions on the market, offering health information and the weather, along with a number of useful - and not so useful - features.

ProofVision ProofVision is a leading trade supplier of waterproof electronics, specialised in providing

high quality, competitively priced products since its foundation in 2008. The company offers a vast range of outdoor LCD TV screens, indoor waterproof LCD screens and a range of charger solutions for well-known electric toothbrush brands.

longside technology comes the need for power. While this is not a problem for most spaces, electrical

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