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DL: Build concrete customer relationships with proactive customer service. Be available when your customer needs you, not just when it’s convenient; react promptly to queries and concerns, and be proactive when you see an opportunity or a gap in your offering that you need to fill.”

It’s been a difficult year for industry at every level - but what have been Pitacs’ highlights of 2020? Any particular successes or achievements?

DL: This summer saw Pitacs Limited celebrate its 30th birthday. The latter proved particularly crucial to the company’s endurance and against-the- odds success during the pandemic months, as cable stocks supported the returning industry, and in July, contributed to Pitacs’ best ever month of sales. This was closely followed by another record-breaking month in September.

With social distancing measures, my team largely lost the ability to

conduct face-to-face meetings with new contacts for the summer. We had to rethink almost every aspect of the way we work. Every meeting has to be pre-planned, we are having to do a lot more online. Fortunately, we are starting to see get more face-to-face meetings again, now that everyone is learning how to work in a Covid-Secure fashion.”

What would you say is Pitacs’s 'ethos'?

DL:The Electrical Division built its reputation by focusing on two key principles: quality and availability. There is also a renewed focus on customer service, which includes an extended program of internal staff training to boost lighting expertise when fielding customer queries, and an equal focus on all levels of customer, as well as all sizes of organisation. We want to provide a great service to all our customers, whether first time buyer or oldest customer, tiny start up or multi-premised organisation.

What's been the most important industry lesson you have learned in your career so far?

LA: Learn your supplier culture, and respect that culture in order to maintain good relationships with your suppliers.

LA: We want to thank all our customers for 3 decades of support, and their continued support over this most recent, difficult period. Stock availability was so crucial; we found ourselves in a unique position at points of the shutdown period, when we were some of the only suppliers with certain cable stocks in the UK.

What can the industry expect from Pitacs in 2021 and beyond? Do you have any expansion plans, into new sectors or product areas?

Linger expanded the UK Sales team at the beginning of the year, and has overseen a significant development of the TIME LED product range. New arrivals to TIME LED’s Utility Collection include the Ultra Panels. Housing the latest SMD technology, the panels also feature an innovative screwless design to minimise light leakage. A new series of LED high bays is also being added to TIME LED’s industrial offering, which feature an adjustable beam angle.

DL:We chose a one-size-fits-all offering. Physically moving from fluorescent to LED can be a complicated prospect. With an adjustable beam angle, a single high bay solution will satisfy a range of warehouse lighting conditions and requirements. If you only have to purchase one type of product, but can use it in three different places, the installation job as a whole becomes much simpler. The Cable offering is also growing, the next addition will be the CAT6A, a high spec data cable with capacity to handle over 500 MHz (most standard data cables only handle 250 MHz), which has already met with a high level of customer interest.

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