Event Preview Other sessions will focus on exterior lighting,

how to light a ‘green wall’ and a number of inspirational case studies. The event will also allow one-to-one meeting facilities, roundtable discussions, video presentations, live polling and Q&A sessions throughout. The popular Lux Awards will close the festival as it makes its digital debut edition in the award’s celebrated history.

Bringing professional together Last month’s LuxLive ‘kicker’ conference on UV- C lighting drew over 1,070 executives and professionals together to explore how the deployment of ultraviolet light can help make workplaces Covid-secure. The LuxLive Digital Festival follows on from this successful event, to continue learning and development across the industry.

James Samuel, portfolio director of organiser

Clarion Events, spoke to EW editor Bryony Andrews about the event and what delegates can expect. “While it has not been possible for us to run LuxLive in its usual face to face setting this year, what has been apparent from our buyer

programme ever seen in the industry,’ said James Samuel. “I’m delighted that despite the challenges in the events business, this digital incarnation of LuxLive will still bring together professionals in the built environment to share, connect, learn and motivate each other about excellence in lighting.”

The speakers “T

Mark Major, co-founder and director of London- based lighting design practice Speirs + Major will explore his relighting of the 900-year-old Norwich Cathedral at 1.20pm on Thursday 12 November.

Dean Skira, director of Skira Architectural Lighting, will present a session called ‘The simple Trick that created a dramatic office exterior’ and in it he will look at the clever use of an exterior ‘blade’ fitting to create a dramatic and dynamic lighting installation at a prominent office development in Zagreb. The design used IP-rated fittings with 360 degree blade optics – the iGuzzini Trick luminaires – to illuminate the brise soleil, which in turn acts as a secondary reflector. The talk takes place on Thursday 12 November at 2pm.

Robyn Goldstein of HLB Lighting Design will walk us through the lighting at the global headquarters of cybersecurity firm Akamai Technologies in Massachusetts at 11.40am on Thursday 12 November. Drawing inspiration from the idea of network connectivity, the Akamai HQ features a concept that begins in the lobby, with lines of light guiding people throughout the 19- story building along a continuous mile-long path, known as the ‘AkaMile’. This high-concept design

and seller community is the continual need for content education,” he explained. “Following very successful webinars and specialised digital events covering UV-C Lighting, the LuxLive Digital Festival is the perfect opportunity to bring the whole industry together to learn, network and maintain vital connections. The event will focus on four very important and currently topical steams: Emergency Lighting, The Workplace, Smart Lighting and Lightspace. Each of the 30+ sessions we will be delivering during the festival will allow the attendee to leave with additional knowledge and learning that can be implemented into their work in their specific industry sector.”

“Lighting has a huge part to play in the

everyday life of business, communities and society as a whole. Ensuring that all our sessions have a theme of Health and Wellness at their heart will allow the lighting industry as a whole to be seen as a key player and instigator of enhancing the lives of the communities we serve. We are super exited to be delivering the biggest offering and unparalleled level of

his is the most ambitious and comprehensive digital education

is both visually stunning and energy efficient, designed to both LEED v4 and WELL v2 Gold certification levels.

Sophie Parry, technical applications consultant at the Society of Light and Lighting, will give a vital and timely presentation on emergency lighting entitled: ‘Your responsibilities under the law’. She will run though our current obligations to ensure compliance in terms of emergency lighting standards, testing and maintenance, including the new ‘points of emphasis’ additions to the regulations. It takes place on Wednesday 11 November at 9.30am.

Christopher ‘Kit’ Cuttle, the well-known lighting scientist and educator, will argue that it’s time to replace the lumen in his presentation at 12.40pm on Thursday 12 November. The lumen, a measure of lighting since the 1920s, is outdated and needs to be replaced – but with what? Cuttle will explain why the notion of a fundamental unit of light is no longer tenable and how it could be revised.

Steven Lockley, associate professor of medicine in the sleep medicine department at Harvard Medical School will discuss ‘why circadian lighting is important’ with Sami Salomaa, the founder of Nordic lighting startup Light Cognitive, at 2.10pm on Wednesday 11 November. Dr Lockley and Salomaa discuss how we can benefit from circadian lighting. Circadian lighting is smarter and more realistic than ever before – allowing us to benefit from convincing artificial skylights and natural light features in all spaces.

Szymon Slupik, CTO and co-founder at Silvair, will join Alan Jackson, ‘chief evangelist’ at Helvar and Paul Drosihn, general manager of The DALI

content that the whole industry has access as well as allowing buyers and suppliers alike to meet, learn and grow.”

Attendance at LuxLive is completely free. To register and stay in the loop of upcoming speakers and topics, visit

Alliance (DiiA) in a panel discussion entitled: DALI-2® and Bluetooth® mesh: A game changer?’ The organisations behind Bluetooth mesh and the DALI-2® protocols have worked together on a specification for a standard interface, allowing DALI® light fittings to talk to Bluetooth mesh wireless lighting controllers and accelerating the development of intelligent and connected lighting systems.

Lara Jiad, associate in the lighting team at WSP, will explore street data and connectivity. Jiad currently has a number of trail sites in the UK looking at highway sensors that monitor drainage to help local authorities with maintenance.

Hoare Lea associate Ruth Kelly Waskett will explore lighting for productivity and wellness and outline a comparison briefing for end users. She will answer questions such as: What is difference between colour-tuneable lighting and circadian lighting and how do they apply in a workplace? What are the measurable benefits to occupants of using these systems? Are they worth the investment in terms of productivity? Colour- tuneable white LEDs are currently fashionable for offices – but do they deliver any real circadian benefits? Kelly will explore the issue with reference to real-world installations.

Elettra Bordonaro and Manel Khale will explore ‘light and the social impact’ in a special ‘Women in Lighting’ session. Bordonaro, the founder and creative director of Light Follows Behaviour, will discuss how light enables us to evaluate the inequalities in public space and how it can be a vehicle to improve the society we live in. Khale, of Makali Design, will speak specifically on a ground roots project using solar lighting to tackle problems caused by the recent devastation in Beirut.

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