The next generation T

horn Lighting has supplied a variety of energy efficient luminaires for MB Décor’s new branch in Middlesbrough, including the popular PopPack, which has been updated and

relaunched with the very latest LED technology to provide an affordable, energy saving luminaire designed with the installer in mind. Thorn’s Steven Gleghorn worked closely with Eugene Tulley from Contractor

Litestream Electrical, Darlington to specify the right combination of luminaires to provide the welcoming ambience required by the retail establishment, whilst showing off the merchandise to its best advantage. MB Décor is a leading independent supplier of

PVC panelling for walls, ceilings and flooring. Working on a brief to supply a good quality cost effective solution that promotes products to their best advantage, Thorn came up with a design giving good colour rendition and excellent light levels whilst meeting the requirements. PopPack and Glacier luminaires were chosen for the sales areas. PopPack provides an easy patented installation method and simple mounting plates for surface mounting and a high efficiency (>110Llm/W) that exceeds the current building regulations. Other benefits include up to 67% reduction in energy consumption, when compared to the traditional fluorescent alternatives and lumen packages from 3000 to 6500lm. The 4000K colour temperature and high colour rendering index of more than 80 makes the fitting perfect for use in retail applications where merchandise has to be

Product News C.K lights the waywith exciting new range

C.K is set to extend its successful lighting range, with a fantastic selection of innovative new products, including a range of high-performance site lights and head torches, that offer a host of advanced features and benefits, including the very latest in LED lighting technology.

including a range of high-performance site lights and head torches, that offer a host of advanced features and benefits, including the very latest in LED lighting technology. These include the C.K T9613 Head Torch, a


feature-packed, powerful LED head torch, available in a USB rechargeable model or battery- operated option, and the C.K T9735USB 10W Rechargeable LED Site Light, one of the most powerful compact site lights on the market.

Great features and benefits

C.K T9613 LED Head Torch & T9613USB Rechargeable Head Torch. Available in either a rechargeable or battery-operated version, this powerful head torch, features a 270 Lumen

4 | electrical wholesalerNovember 2020

.K is set to extend its successful lighting range, with a fantastic selection of innovative new products,

output, has a choice of 7 lighting modes and a run time of up to 9 hours. Other features

include an 80° tilt ability, a

90m beam distance and a motion sensor that allows for a quick and convenient way to turn the head torch on and off with just the wave of a hand. The C.K Head Torch is also comfortable to wear, thanks to its lightweight and durable construction.

C.K T9735USB 10W Rechargeable LED Site Light. One of the most compact site lights available, this powerful rechargeable site light offers a 700 Lumen output, two lighting modes

and a run time of up to four hours. This premium quality site light can be focused at any angle, thanks to its full 360° tilt

mechanism, with the option to mount on a tripod or a variety of metallic surfaces via a magnetic base. The site light can also act as a power bank, making it ideal for charging mobile phones etc. Whatever the task in hand, the new C.K lighting

products are designed to offer trade professionals a great choice of innovative products that combine versatility with the quality and reliability they have come to expect of the C.K brand.

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MB Décor’s new development will see it into the next generation — with a little help from Thorn.

illuminated in the best way possible. To compliment these, modern and efficient Glacier LED pendant luminaires with high lumen packages have been installed as an efficient alternative to traditional HID pendants. The distribution area required daylight dimming, presence control and good quality levels of illumination. HiPak Pro LED was selected as the ideal luminaire for this space. HiPak Pro LED is up to 45% more efficient than 250W/400W alternatives, combining high efficiency (93Llm/W), 50,000-hour lamp life, low maintenance, dedicated individual that optics provide precise light control for high level mounting applications and a robust design. IQ Wave recessed provides excellent

uniformity and glare control with direct/indirect illumination in the dispatch area to create a comfortable working environment. Thorn’s Omega LED, Cetus and IQ Wave have been installed in the toilets, Accounts

Department and the canteen. Voyager Star LED provides the emergency lighting throughout. Thanks to its specialised optics, Voyager Star sends light exactly where it is needed in the event of an emergency and, due to wide s2pacing values, the number of luminaires required can therefore be reduced when compared to other solutions, thus the overall project costs are reduced. Mike Greenup was pleased with the functional and aesthetically pleasing

result, plus the energy savings with instant and controlled illumination, commenting: “This development will see us into the next generation.”

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