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difference in controllability: both motion and occupancy sensors can measure ambient light intensity so they will only trigger when certain pre- set lighting thresholds are reached; and both should offer the option to adjust the ON time. More important – the controls should be easy to find and use! With very low-profile flush mount detectors, the controls are hidden in the body of the unit, so look for good spring clips that hold the device securely while still enabling you to remove the unit from an aperture with ease should you need to adjust the settings and replace it securely without damaging the ceiling. Or perhaps, if super-sleek profiling isn’t vital, choose devices that offer external access to the controls without compromising on looks. We’ve proved that surface mount can still look sleek! Timeguard did a bit of lateral thinking with the controls on the

Spring clips that hold firm but allow for easy removal and replacement to access controls.

linkable mini PIRs, which allow for an array of detectors with a master and up to five slaves connected using standard pre-wired RJ11 sockets. A quick & easy drop-down twist-and-lock design makes reaching the controls as easy as changing a lightbulb. Timeguard also

Where PIR’s cannot reach, Timeguard has a microwave option.

offers the option of hand-held remote control for several of

its presence detectors. PIR’s may not always fit the bill for

what you need and active microwave (MW) devices, operating in different areas of the light spectrum, sending out microwave pulses to measures the reflection off a moving object. They can cover a larger area than infrared sensors, but they can be vulnerable to electrical interference and are more expensive. They are often

As easy as changing a lightbulb … twist and lock back when you’re done

preferred where there is no direct ‘line of sight’ for PIR detection, such as through an office partition or washroom partitions etc. Timeguard has a stylish flush mount designed high-frequency microwave detector for LED lighting that fits neatly into a 64 mm ceiling cut out.

Anyplace, any time… We are probably all somewhat familiar with the basic configurations: flush or ceiling mount. Timeguard’s range will also cater for requirements for wall mounting, tamper-proofing etc. There is also a neat take on providing manual override with RF fobs that can be wired behind a standard light switch and concealed in the recessed or surface switch backbox and even work with no mains connection. Naturally, Timeguard offers all the options you’ll need and, as a leading manufacturer of outdoor automatic LED lighting the brand also has

Timeguard also leads the field in outdoor PIR control.

weather-proof outdoor PIR detectors in its range. These include stand-alone models and plug-in modules for the LED Pro range of LED lighting, enabling installers to combine their choice of floodlight power and colour with PIR, RF or photocell actuators.

Check out the range and specifications at

These RF control fobs can be hand held or fitted in a wall switch backbox where they will work even without a mains connection.

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