Installation News Well-lit spaces at King’s Stables Road, Edinburgh

Thorn Lightinghas provided the external illumination for King’s Stables Road, a leading example of a successful mixed-use development in the historic city centre of Edinburgh. The chosen lighting solution includes various Urba fittings and Piazza bulkheads that blend sympathetically with the surrounding architecture.


he comprehensive redevelopment of the former council depot and an adjacent

nightclub now comprises a seven-storey apartment block, a premium student accommodation scheme, a 4* apart-hotel and four ground floor units, all set around a series of public and semi-private courtyards. Thorn’s Urba is a range of contemporary,

economic, innovative and versatile luminaires that respects both the environment and the surroundings whilst providing an improved quality of light. The minimalist styling and clean lines with an original light signature brings more visual comfort and welcoming ambience. Urba wall mounted versions have been installed and Urba units with through wiring for the Catenary which offers unparalleled flexibility for the project. This has meant that the light can be placed exactly where it is needed, even if there is no support structure close by, reducing the intensity, light spill and energy consumption, whilst at the same time creating open and well-lit spaces. King’s Stables Road is the first catenary

Product News

Unicrimp expandsSiroflex adhesives and sealants range

Unicrimp, part of the Scolmore Group, is expanding its Siroflex range of adhesives and sealants with the addition of two new fire resistant products.


lameguard is a high quality, hand held fire retardant expanding foam, suitable for construction elements where advanced fire security standards are required. It is EN 1366-4

tested and approved (up to 240 minutes in combination with other products). Its uses include filling of large, irregular or awkward gaps where the foam will expand to completely fill the cavity; fixing for window frames, loose tiles and boards; insulating between brickwork and cladding, around ductwork and through cavities carrying pipes and cables. It can also be used as a backing material in all types of sealant application. FP Acrylic Sealant is a fire resistant acrylic sealant based on acrylic dispersion. It is a plasto-elastic sealant which is slightly intumescent above +120°C and is suitable for up to 4 hours of fire resistant sealing of linear joints. It has been tested according to EN 1366-4. It can be applied separately in joints up to 20 mm wide and can be combined with FP PU Foam up to 30 mm wide. Easy to apply and clean, and almost odourless, it is paintable with most water based and synthetic paints and is non corrosive towards metals. It is available in white and grey. The Siroflex high quality, universal range of adhesives and sealants is based on hybrid technology for both interior and exterior applications. The full range comprises silicone adhesives, bonding adhesives, expanding foams, plaster fillers, decorators caulk, threadlocker, putty and fixing tapes.

40 | electrical wholesalerNovember 2020

lighting scheme to be installed in the city of Edinburgh. Thorn’s precision-designed LED bulkhead Piazza II LED has also been installed to put illumination precisely where it is required and nowhere else, due to its precise directional LED light source and optimal light distribution with a minimal upward light ratio of less than 2.5% (ULOR). Piazza II LED also provides an optimal 3 metre forward light throw and a wide spread to either side of the fitting, allowing wide spacing of up to 12 metres. Improved public realm gives occupants and the

wider public the opportunity to weave their way through reopened historic closes and well-lit courtyards. This experience promotes greater connectivity and features elements of historical interpretation, a result of the regular community and stakeholder engagement, enhancing the development’s sense of place and underlining the importance of considered, sustainable urban design. Liz Leech, senior landscape architect at

HarrisonStevens, commented: “With a strong identity, embedded in the social and urban history of King’s Stables Road, this site now offers an active, animated and dynamic urban space. The lighting forms an intrinsic part of this: the courtyard is freed from the clutter of ground- mounted lighting and design features are highlighted – all in an environmentally sound manner.”

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