Vent-Axianamed ‘UK Business Hero’ for COVID-19 response

Vent-Axiahas been named as a ‘UK Business Hero’ by the British Chamber of Commerce as part of the Chamber’s campaign to recognise the incredible work UK businesses are undertaking, in the most challenging of years.

awarded this prestigious accolade for its valuable work supplying ventilation to COVID-19 hospital wards and field hospitals in unprecedented timescales, throughout lockdown and beyond. The Crawley-based company is delighted to be one of only 399 UK businesses to be given this national recognition. Playing its part in the national response against


Coronavirus, Vent-Axia supplied fans to a number of COVID-19 hospital wards and field hospitals during lockdown to provide good levels of ventilation, essential in such environments due to the airborne transmission of the virus. Sites included the flagship NHS Nightingale Hospital in London, Kent & Canterbury NHS Trust’s COVID-19 wards, and the Rainbow field hospitals at Bangor University and Deeside Leisure Centre, among others. In these difficult times the construction industry pulled together, with Vent-Axia part of the hard-working team that made it possible to enable these essential field hospitals to be up and running in an unprecedented time scale. For example, for the London NHS Nightingale Hospital Vent-Axia ensured its fans were delivered directly to the hospital site within just three hours of the order, an extraordinary delivery time. “We are thrilled to be named a ‘UK Business

Hero’ by the British Chamber of Commerce for our work during the Coronavirus crisis,” said Jenny Smith, head of marketing at Vent-Axia. “We were able to meet tight deadlines during the pandemic as we remained open for business as an essential service throughout lockdown, forming part of a

ominated by Sussex Chamber of Commerce, the leading British ventilation manufacturer was

Jenny Smith

crucial supply chain that made critical projects possible. At Vent-Axia we’re committed to improving indoor air quality and public health so it was essential for us to pull together to help in the pandemic response.” Ventilation has now been proven to be a key

weapon in the fight against COVID-19, helping to reduce transmission of the virus indoors. It is riskier to be inside than outside a building because of a lack of airflow. Public Health England’s guidance ‘COVID-19: epidemiology, virology and clinical features’ acknowledges that airborne transmission can occur in ‘poorly ventilated’ spaces. It's therefore vital to dilute the virus in the air inside through effective ventilation and increased airflow both in homes and buildings. As the nation locked down, Vent-Axia’s

#StayHealthy social media campaign provided guidance on improving indoor air quality and creating a healthy environment while working from home. Vent-Axia also provided critical

communications commenting and sharing the latest Government and industry guidance on the virus, while also adding its own ventilation expertise. Following the Government’s COVID-19 Return

to Work Recovery Strategy, Vent-Axia’s expert ventilation advice helped businesses prepare for a return to work. As Vent-Axia’s heritage was in pub ventilation before the smoking ban in 2007, the company felt particularly well-placed to help this sector. Vent-Axia therefore ran an information campaign specifically for the pubs and bars sector, helping them reopen their businesses whilst keeping staff and customers safe by helping reduce virus transmission. Vent-Axia is continuing to offer support and

ventilation expertise to help in the fight against Coronavirus and has recently launched a webpage and brochure offering essential guidance on the positive effect of ventilation in tackling COVID-19. Bringing together all the helpful information that it has been communicating since the start of lockdown, the useful guide and webpage provides the industry with valuable information on how ventilation can help during the pandemic and beyond - all in one place. The website and brochure, called ‘'The Effect of Ventilation on COVID-19’ explains the benefits of ventilation during the COVID-19 pandemic and gives guidance on why indoor ventilation is important to reduce virus transmission.

Visit to find out more and to download the free brochure.

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