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Pitacs Limited was established in the UK in 1990 as a national distributor of heating products. Launching the Ultraheat collection, the company focussed mainly on steel panel radiators. Today, the Pitacs family includes AEON, Ultraheat, TIME Cable and TIME LED, and is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of heating products and electrical cables in the UK, as well as exporting widely to international markets. With TIME LED, the company’s lighting division and newest brand, now in its fiſth year of operation, EW editor Bryony Andrews spoke to Levent Aci, director and co-founder, and David Linger, divisional director, Electrical to find out more.

Where is Pitacs based and how many employees do you have?


itacs is based in Milton Keynes, where the head office is housed in the same premises as the major warehouse operation. We have 65 staff, and have not made any redundancies due to the

pandemic. We have actually added five more permanent headcount across the business since August, and our most recent hire to the TIME LED team, John Nelson, is regional sales manager for the North.

In your opinion, what are consumers looking for currently in their lighting products? How do you expect these trends to evolve throughout the end of 2020 and as we continue into a new decade?

DL:The future of LED technology is pretty certain. Efficiency will go up, pricing will go down. There will also be plenty more consumer movement towards smart technology, which will really become the norm. TIME LED is looking ahead to 2021, with launches of smart lamps, sockets planned, as well as an offering of Smart CCTV. As for style, TIME LED established its presence in the market with its Antik collection of ceiling lamps and drop pendants, which blend industrial and vintage designs, and feature beautiful exposed LED filaments and ornamental outsized bulbs.

LA: The exposed filament lamps have been very successful with consumers, right from the beginning. It’s effective LED technology, you get all those benefits, but with a traditional look and a cosy feel to it.

What effect is the rise of smart controls having on the electronics sector?

DL:With the rise of smart controls, we are starting to see quality becoming a key issue, with cheap products starting to flood the UK market. Safety and reliability are key areas to check. Consumer need to be aware of what they are buying, and to make sure they are not falling prey to fake performance claims. TIME LED is taking care to select high quality, fully certified smart products for its new releases, as well as conducting its own in-house testing, and is a member of the LIA.

18 | electrical wholesalerNovember 2020

Can you tell me a bit about the Ultraheat Electric Towel Rail Range that was released earlier this year? What makes the products stand out from other products on the market?

LA: Under its Ultraheat brand, Pitacs Ltd has launched its new line of fully electric, heated towel rails. The new towel rails are pre-filled with an effective heat transfer liquid and pre-fitted with a quality heating element; all that’s required from the consumer’s space is a standard electrical outlet. This collection is all about simplicity coupled with aesthetics. With the Electric

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