EXHIBITIONS ACHEMA 2021: Take your marks!

Attention process industry! ACHEMA 2021 is setting off for new frontiers. 99 years after the first show, exhibitor registration for the 33nd edition is under way. And exhibitors and visitors alike can look forward to a show that is as dedicated to the future as ever.

So what is new at ACHEMA 2021? One could say: Everything. Because, of course, exhibitors will again use the opportunity to showcase their latest technologies and products, making Frankfurt the heart of the global process industries for one week. Decision makers and innovators will bring their fresh ideas to the lecture and exhibition halls, and from the discussions there, new thoughts will spread to more than 150 countries that are represented at ACHEMA.

As preparations for the world’s leading show for the process industries kick off, attention also focusses on hot trends that have the potential to shape the way the industry will work in decades to come. Three focal topics have been identified that affect plant engineers, equipment providers and operators alike:

Product and process security Internet of Things (IoT)-devices are increasingly becoming part of operation and production. With every valve that has an IT interface and with every “intelligent” pump sending data into the cloud, IT- and cybersecurity is rising to the top of the list of things to be concerned about. While safety systems are well established and the number of accidents with personal injury is decreasing steadily, cyberattacks are becoming all the more prevalent. Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things call for an intensified approach to secure

the interaction between the physical and the virtual worlds. Identifying, assessing and adressing the vulnerabilities of your business is the first step towards secure products and processes. The whole value chain needs to be covered, too, starting from procurement of raw materials and reaching as far as the recycling of products at the end of their life.

The digital lab

Laboratories in industry and research are also becoming habitats for IoT-equipment. Robots that relieve staff of mundane and repetitive tasks such as serial pipetting are state-of- the-art. Yet, smart digital workflows in a fully connected lab are still a long way off most of the time. Achieving them requires at a minimum a powerful IT environment and fully integrated equipment; it can also go as far as changing the layout of the lab space.

R&D labs and quality assurance labs may follow different approaches. Thus a modular setup is as desirable for the lab as it is for production plants. Both lab types are generating a huge amount of data whose analysis calls for a big data approach.

Modular and connected production Manufacturing processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry need to be flexible, fast and cost-efficient. This is best achieved with modular process skids, which can be pre-fabricated and tested in the workshop and then assembled on-site. Skids come with their own programmable logic controller or can be integrated into an overarching process control system. The automation industry is working on an open standard


interface; such a module type package (MTP) will allow for true interoperability.

Modular plants are the key to satisfy the customers’ needs for small batches of varying products. They allow for an effortless adjustment of the plant design to the ever-changing requirements and are also the way to change from batch to continuous production.

And here the novelties do not end: Based on the proven concept of ACHEMA with its unique breadth of topics and the well- established formats, this edition will offer even more opportunity for discussion and networking. Smart digital tools will make it easier to find the right contact among the 150,000 participants, get in touch with potential business partners and make the most of the day(s) at ACHEMA. New interactive event formats will stimulate discussion and provide an additional impulse within the inspiring atmosphere of this global forum. The hall layout has also been slightly adjusted, making the best of edificial changes on the fairground and integrating the brand-new hall 12 in the center of the area.

Exhibitors and participants alike should watch out for the regular news distributed via Twitter, the website, the newsletter or the brand-new ACHEMA Magazine – there is much to explore and look forward to until 14 June 2021 when once again, the process industry says “Ready, steady, go… to ACHEMA!”

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