EVENTS – Spring fundraisers

World Book Day Sponsored spell Ask teachers to create a list of spellings for each year group. Let children practise them

Thursday March 4

at home, then hold spelling tests in class. Ask children to gather sponsorship from friends and family in advance, eg 10p per correct word, then collect sponsorship money online afterwards.

Readathon Children are sponsored to read a set number of books (or pages of a book) over the Easter holidays or during the second half of the spring term. As an extra incentive, offer a prize for the child photographed reading a book in the most unusual place.

Mother’s Day Breakfast in bed Get children (with help from dads/other carers) to place an order for a special

14 Sunday March breakfast delivery on Mother’s

Day morning. They could even submit a poem or their own message to be delivered with the breakfast. Take orders (and payment) online two weeks in advance then buy items in bulk. Put together pretty paper bags containing a wrapped pastry, jam, juice or smoothie, tea bag, coffee sachet, and fruit salad or yoghurt, along with a small posy of flowers. Enlist a team of PTA helpers to deliver to doorsteps.

Secret room With PTA helpers unable to go into schools, this always-popular shopping event will have to be done differently this year. Options include emailing images of the gifts available to school for each teacher to share with their class bubble, or laminating printed sheets of photographs that can be wiped down between uses. Or you could deliver one of each gift to school and leave them on a table in the entrance hall for children to look at. Ask parents to pay online in advance, then children choose their gift via a class order form. The gifts are then wrapped, labelled, delivered to school and placed in quarantine before being handed out in class. Limit the number of gifts to choose from (we suggest between five and eight) to make things easier for all involved!

April Fool’s Day Dress-up/break-the- rules day For many, April 1 falls on the last day of term, so it’s the perfect time to let pupils be a bit silly.

April 1

You could either invite them to wear fancy dress, or have a silly hairstyle, for a donation of £1. Or, for a

break-the-rules day, make a list of ‘rules’ that they can break on that day only, for a ‘fine’ of 50p per rule. Rules could be things such as ‘you

must not have chocolate in your lunch box’ or ‘you must not have temporary tattoos at school’. Ask class teachers to collect cash payments from children, or get parents to pay online in advance.

Easter 4

Sunday April

Easter trail Print pictures of Easter bunnies with different names and place them around your local

village or town. Ask shops and local businesses if you can put one in their window. Charge children £2 to enter and send them a list of locations, asking them to fill in the bunnies’ names over the Easter holidays. Place completed forms in a draw for an Easter egg prize (ideally donated by a local supermarket).

Colouring competition Email parents an outline of an Easter egg for children to decorate. Ask for completed pictures to be emailed back at the end of the Easter holidays, and pick a winner from each key stage. Charge £1 per entry and award donated Easter eggs as prizes. Older children may prefer to make their own painting or collage.

Give up chocolate Challenge children – and their families – to give up chocolate and sweets for the whole of Lent and get sponsorship from friends and family.

Tips and advice

l Use an online platform to collect payments, and don’t forget to claim Gift Aid.

l Always let people know what you are raising money for. This is particularly important at the moment, as many people will have less disposable income right now. Equally, if you are raising funds to support disadvantaged pupils and their families, or better equip the school in dealing with the pandemic, your supporters might be more willing to donate.

l Join the chat with our Facebook community – PTAnetwork – and find out how other PTAs are adapting their fundraising events to be COVID-secure. SPRING 2021 51

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