‘My mechanical engineering background has come in handy’

Richard Brigg, vice chair of Moorside Friends (MOORFS) in Lancaster, has a background in mechanical engineering. He put his inventiveness and passion for science and engineering to good use for his son’s school. Games and props: ‘I had previously made two Christmas tree themed games and a touchscreen-operated character tree for a Christmas tree festival, so I offered them to the PTA for use at their Christmas fair in 2018. They were hugely popular, so I started working on a ‘feed the bunny’ game for the spring fair. Keeping up the momentum, I set to work refurbishing a couple of electric ride-on jeeps, to enable us to run a ‘MOORFS Driving School’ at the summer fair. We set up the reception playground with a painted road layout, cones and

road signs. During the three- hour fair, children took 120 rides, and we raised £240! Next came a request from our

headteacher for a spooky coffi n to be used at the Halloween disco. Not wanting to disappoint, I rigged up a scaled-down coffi n with a pressure mat. When someone stood on the mat, the coffi n opened up slowly, and a skeleton sat up. I felt I needed to keep up my

reputation for innovation in 2019. I had seen a Google Doodle garden gnome catapult game, which planted the seed of an idea for ‘elf twangers’. We set these wooden catapults up at the fair with stuffed toy elves and a target to aim for. Children, parents and teachers all loved them, and they raised £150.’ MOORFS movies: ‘During lockdown, I noticed the increase in popularity

of outdoor fi lm nights, which got me thinking about an old projector with a broken bulb that was languishing in a cupboard at home. I dug out the projector, refurbished it, and packaged it up in a carrying crate with an unwanted DVD player and a pop-up screen to make a ‘MOORFS Movies’ kit. We offered it for hire for an

evening or a weekend at a time, via our Facebook page and other Facebook groups connected with the school. Word spread within the local community, so as well as bookings from school families, we started to attract interest beyond the school. Due to the need to quarantine the equipment between bookings, we are limited on how often we can hire it out, but we hope it will be a steady income stream for many months to come. So far, we’ve raised £120.’

Do your supporters have hidden talents? Ask for creative solutions to your fundraising challenges in the school newsletter or send out a questionnaire so parents can reveal their expertise. running-a-pta/boosting-support/ parents-questionnaire.aspx

12 SPRING 2021

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