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In it together With seven multi-franchise partners already committed to opening half of the proposed shops, the company can focus on selecting the right partners for its remaining planned shops. Having developed his busi- ness acumen running a string of his own high-end bars and eateries in the West End, Nathan knows first- hand the qualities needed to run a successful franchise. He explains: “We look for positive

problem-solvers who enjoy working with people.” While would-be franchisees often

bring a wealth of experience to the partnership, many are attracted by the support easyCoffee offers. In addition to sourcing a suitable location and setting up the store, for a £200k investment, easyCoffee provides franchise partners access to: training programmes, including barista certification; marketing and innovation input, including shop launch activity; strategic planning and operations consultation; and opportunities for cross-promotion with other ‘easy’ brands.

Armchair investors Despite the level of provision offered to its franchise partners, easyC- offee realised, however, that some investors might want to tap into its expertise without the financial and time commitment required for a franchised shop. For this group, it offers a more capital-lite fran- chise option: vending machines. Every year, UK consumers spend about £1.5bn in more than 420,000 refreshment vending machines. It’s an attractive proposition for many armchair investors.

Te potential of this high-

growth sector hasn’t been lost on the investor community either and easyCoffee recently secured £10m of backing from investment


Stellar Asset Management to expand this side of its business. As part

of the £15k vending

package easyCoffee offers fran- chisees, it provides and manages a vending machine in a high-traffic location. Tere are already more than 50 of the 850 planned easyC- offee vending machines in conven- ience shops, leisure centres, fore- courts and other outlets across the UK, as the company begins a major roll-out programme. Investors, who usually invest in between one and five machines each, share a slice of the profits on sales, which they can track in real time on a specially designed telemetry app. Nathan explains: “We realised

early on that some investors are looking for a more passive fran- chise arrangement, where the work is done for them and they have less exposure to the volatility of other types of financial investment, such as the stock market. Investing in a vending machine means they can share in the success of the business, enjoy considerable tax benefits, and reap the rewards in a highly profit- able sector with very little effort on their part. And they don’t even need to give up the day job!” He adds: “Without a doubt, the

coffee-to-go market is an exciting place to be right now with massive growth potential, both in the UK and abroad.” With 80 million easyJet customers to more

flying than 30 coun- tries, Nathan knows he’s also


well-positioned to take advantage of the expansion opportunities this offers easyCoffee for vending franchises in airports in the UK and abroad. Tere’s also scope for vending expansion into other ‘easy’ businesses, such as easyHotel and easyGym among others. He says: “Being part of the ‘easy’ family of brands brings with it a

wealth of opportunities for our fran- chise partners — whether they’re simply wanting to beat the banks with a better return on their cash through a vending machine invest- ment, or by taking on a multi-store franchise. Whatever their level of investment, our franchise partners know that they can tap into our expertise and knowledge about the next upcoming location, food and drink trends, and what customers are looking for now and in the future, in the UK and beyond.”

To speak to the easyCoffee team

about franchise investments, get in touch with the franchise team on: T: 020 7499 3543 E: You can also find out more at:

Full of beans The UK coffee shop market is

steaming ahead: • We now drink 95 million cups of coffee a day and consumers spend £9.6bn every coffee shops.

year in

• 81% of people visit a coffee shop weekly.

• Te coffee shop market is predicted to be worth £13bn by 2022.

Source: Allegra Project Cafe 2018; British Coffee Association

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