32 Franchise Opportunities Go out on your own

More people than ever are setting up their own business. Lorna V discovers why


etting up your own business can be tough. But with more than 650,000 new businesses created last year, according

to the Centre for Entrepreneurs (CFE)’s analysis of the latest Companies House data, more and more people are taking the plunge. Tis figure beats the previous record set in 2015 of 608,110 new ventures. Just over 30% of these start-ups

(205,325) were registered in London, but cities north of the capital showed impressive growth with Birmingham boasting more than 17,000 new enterprises followed by Manchester (9,416), Glasgow (7,845) and Leeds (7,645). One such business, is

Birmingham-based BlueBoo Media — a media matchmaker set up by Rachael Taplin. Taplin says: “We advise business

owners and organisations on how to do their own public relations (PR) right from the beginning. We offer PR and media training, and even provide daily PR leads.” She started her business due to

demand, as a lot of business owners were asking her how to secure radio, TV and press coverage for their businesses. Taplin relies on a team of freelancers — she prefers that: “I outsource everything. My

freelancers have the specific skills for a competitive rate, so I can continue to invest what I’d spend on fixed salaries straight back into the business.” Taplin believes you need passion,

determination, resilience, a good network of associates — that you can trust — to go it alone. Below are her five top tips:

TAPLIN’S FIVE TOP TIPS 1 Start with the end in mind. Why

did you set up your business?

What’s your end goal? Keep checking in that you’re being true to yourself.

2 Put things into perspective. It’s most things will sort themselves out.

3 Surround yourself with a good

group where you all support each other and offer different skill sets.

4 Trust your own feelings before you make that final decision. 5 Keep learning. As with technology, industry is always

changing so make sure you’re an expert and thought leader in your sector.

RACHEL TAPLIN network. Either join or set up a so easy to worry when in reality


Eliminate startup risk and buy into franchise success

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Buying a franchise can very simply eliminate many of the risks and complexities that starting a busi- ness from scratch brings. It allows you to leapfrog the

Give your franchise business a firm foundation

Our support for your franchise business goes beyond fi nance. We can connect you with the right people, with the right knowledge, to boost your franchise business and help it grow.

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painful early startup years and reap the benefits of someone already having proved a business to be successful. You’ll also be able to take advan-

tage of continued marketing and business support, and in the case of most franchise opportuni- ties, receive initial and ongoing training from the franchisor. And all the while, you’re in

control of your own destiny by running your own business. is the

home of the UK’s top fran- chises. Visit the website to research the market and find your ideal opportunity — one that perfectly matches and complements your lifestyle, skills and ambition.

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