18 Investment Opportunities Bitcoin: forget the price, focus on the value by Vee Tardrew, head of marketing, Bitstocks

As the City of London’s first cryp- tocurrency market advisory and investment firm, naturally we track and evaluate the notorious price swings of bitcoin, but our overall approach is a long-term view. We ensure our clients understand the intrinsic value of cryptocurrencies because with this knowledge it’s far easier to bear (mind the pun) the volatility of this nascent innovation. Te real value of cryptocurrency

lies in its ability to facilitate finan- cial sovereignty; to empower us to break free from the shackles of the financial system we’re born into. A system based on debt, permission and profit. Fiat currency, such as the pound,

is backed by nothing more than the

promise of central authori-

ties that it’s worth what they say it is. In addition, they can expand the monetary supply ad nauseam. Te new money siphons value from the existing supply, which triggers inflation, eroding the buying power of our wealth. Consumer prices are driven up as a greater amount of money chases a smaller pool of goods, all the while, consumers’ income remains relatively fixed, so spending dwindles sending the economy into recession. We generally accept inflation as

an unavoidable economic reality, but in truth, it’s a direct consequence of unlimited government spending. It’s a never-ending cycle, and we haven’t

even touched on taxation, which means that the central authorities, and their various stakeholders, are assured profit from every monetary transaction we’re ever involved with. Cryptocurrency ushers in a new world. It breaks the mould of

bureaucracy and provides a frame- work where we’re afforded a role in economic decision-making, without the fees and red tape of the tradi- tional system. It’s an operating system that blows open global trade unlike anything we’ve seen before,

and we’re only just at the point where

the decentralised founda-

tion has been laid. We’re still in the elementary stages of development of the commercial applications that will continue to open opportunities of cryptocurrency utility, and that’s

value which will far outweigh any current price point. Te real upside is still to be realised.

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The City of London’s First Cryptocurrency Market Advisory, Investment and OTC Firm with Extensive Experience,

Technical Know-How and Superior Security Protocols to Help You Secure and Grow Your Cryptocurrency Wealth.

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Time Financial Planning – will care fees cost me my home?

We’re all living longer, which means many of us will need some form of long-term care

According to the Office for National Statistics, around 291,000 people aged 65 and over were living in care homes in England and Wales in 2011. In London and the South East,

care is expensive — nursing care costs can be anywhere between £40,000 to £60,000 a year — added to the uncertainty of not knowing how long you’re going to live. Did you know that the chances of

a person dying in the first 12 months of going into a care home are about 10%, which happens to be the same proportion as survive for eight years? Tis isn’t a very cheery statistic, but

it underlines the reality of funding your care and the dilemma of how you’re going to pay for it: ‘Will I need £50,000 or £400,000 — ignoring infla- tion — to cover the cost?’ An ‘immediate needs annuity’,

which is taken out at the point of requiring care, could be a solution.

Each policy is individually under- written to establish the cost, and, once in place, pays the difference between your income and the amount of money you need for care fees. Our key message to people facing

the prospect of funding care is that you should at least get a quote for such a policy. One of the prob- lems I encounter again and again is that care homes and local authori- ties don’t signpost people towards specialist financial advisers at exactly the time they need profes- sional advice. Tey might simply say: ‘No, you’ve

got more assets than the means- tested threshold so you’re on your own sunshine, you’ve got to pay it yourself.’ So, it’s no wonder people are

worried about running out of money because they never get told to talk to a specialist, qualified in this area.

“Tim arranged a care plan for my grandfather. We’re comforted and reassured that care fees at his chosen home are now fully provided for, for as long as he needs them.” Mr G Barnes (Binfield)

£100 off the cost of a Care Fees

Planning Report if you mention Financial Services

If you’d like to discuss this further, please contact

Tim Embleton or Matt Grifferty on T: 0118 327 9895 or E:

Time Financial Planning Ltd is an appointed representative of the Whitechurch Network Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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