10 Investment Opportunities

A beginner’s guide to investing in cryptocurrency

Trying to understand cryptocurrencies? Sam Lewis interviews co-founder of Dragon Coin for his top tips


nyone fortunate to have bought a bitcoin in 2012 paid around $15 (£11.70). Tose who sold at the beginning of

this year will gleefully tell you they received $15k (£11,700). Yet, the time of writing, those

who held on to their bitcoin saw it plummet to $6,901 (£5,382). And who knows what its value

will be next week? So, are cryptocurrencies generally

a good investment or a huge gamble? Chances are it depends when you bought and sold it. While most financial advisors

agree they’re a huge risk — and you should only invest what you’re willing to lose — some people have clearly made substantial gains. So, where should you invest your

spare cash — if you have any? Tere are two ways to invest in

blockchain: buying cryptocurrency such as bitcoin or investing in a company using the technology. Either way, Paul Moynan,

entrepreneur and co-founder of

Dragon Coin, the second largest initial coin offering (ICO) of 2018, advises investing in the medium- to long-term in order to avoid surges. He believes it’s also important to consider whether the business solves a real problem. “Tink about how it improves the industry or sector it is tackling”. In the case of Dragon, Moynan

explains that it began by helping the gaming industry in East Asia replace their expensive legacy SMS ledger system with a low cost and more secure blockchain ledger solution; reducing costs by 90%. Now it delves deeper into the entertainment industry aiming to “bring blockchain solutions to remittances across many sectors”. Says Moynan: “My advice is

to look at ICOs with established businesses, which can see development to the next phase or massively streamline pre-exiting structures reducing time and costs.”


the number of bitcoin ATMs worldwide

(August 2018)



ummer tans have barely faded and many of us have already begun thinking about the next big expense – Christmas. Family life is growing ever more expensive and, with wages stagnating and infl ation rising, workers across the UK are struggling to cover more than the essentials.

British people on lower-middle incomes are now at greater risk of sliding into the lower income bracket than they were 20 years ago, according to research from the OECD. One of the nation’s biggest concerns is that we won’t be able to provide for our children’s futures, whether it be helping them with a deposit for their fi rst home or buying their fi rst car.

No matter how careful you are with your money, we live in uncertain

fi nancial times and it would take a great deal of savings to fully prepare for all possibilities. Think Brexit or the 3.2% rail fare increase due in January – both are likely to have a signifi cant impact on your everyday fi nances, and neither are where we dreamt of spending our savings.

when you invest £500!

£100 cashback

T&Cs apply

Whilst no one can promise you a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, there are plenty of easy ways to make the most of your money. For many of us, it’s not about having thousands in spare cash every month, but simply

being able to cover our expenses and have enough left over for family days out and the occasional treat for ourselves.

It’s easy to take the fi rst steps towards creating a brighter fi nancial future for your family. Kufl ink is an award- winning peer to peer investment platform, where you can invest in short-term deals secured against UK property and earn fantastic returns up to 7.2% interest pa*. Savvy investors have traded over £22 million through the platform to date, each receiving their monthly interest in full and on time with no losses!

Anyone can earn high returns with Kufl ink, and our dedicated investor relations team is always on hand to help. Sign up online today in just two minutes for fee-free opportunities to make money whilst you sleep!

Kuflink Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Registration Number 724890).

*Capital is at risk. join.kufl | hello@kufl | 01474 33 44 88

Past performance does not guarantee future performance.

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