6 Investment Opportunities

in Lancashire — and I still have some properties today, though not as many as I used to. During the credit crunch of 2008/9, I remember I could physically drive by and see my properties, which made me feel better when everything else looked really bad.

So I’m guessing you’re not into buying cryptocurrencies then? I hate them. I bought some for Granny Mags in my Channel 4 programme How to Get Rich Quick earlier this year and the value went up a touch, but if she’d bought around $20k (£15,590) in early January, she’d only have $6,300 (£4,909) now. Tat’s not what I call I great deal, is it?

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Kensington and advertised houses for £30-£50k in the shop window? Come and take a look!

Sounds like you’re trying to boost the property market up north! Burnley is the centre of the universe with the friendliest people and the most amazing scenery. Seriously, come and take a look! I get that not everyone wants to

buy houses up north. If they have a house down south, think of it as one big ATM machine. If they add a bedroom, they could increase the value of their house by 20-25%. If they put that amount in savings with a bank, it would take 20 years to get a 20% return. Alternatively, if you have a garden, see if you can get planning permission. Borrow money

against your house to build a second home on that plot then move in and sell the original one — you’ll get up in the morning and stare out of the window at the free house. I know developers that buy pubs

with big car parks. Te first thing they do is get planning permission to build 20 houses, then they have a free pub at the end of it all.

What about alternative investments such as silver, art and gold? Art is in eye of beholder unless it’s a big name and I have no interest in precious metal. Te problem with gold is it goes down as well as up. I’m slightly more buoyant about sliver due to its various medical and construction uses, but gold does nothing other than look pretty. I’d still much rather invest in commercial buildings or property

So, what’s your advice on more traditional investments? I have an investment company in America and invest in stocks and shares, but you don’t have to use a dealer or broker who charges 2% or more and you don’t have to understand thousands of stocks — just the one that you’re going to invest in. I don’t understand why people

advise spreading the risk — why would you think company number 100 would be as good as company number one? Stick it into the one you’re sure about.

What should people invest in? I don’t like oil — you can never second guess it because of geopolitics and something will always happen somewhere in the world. Te one I love the most is Visa, the

US credit card company. I’ve owned stock in that for 10 years and while it could go down


in 12 months, I promise you it’ll be up in five years if you hold onto it. Mastercard is similar. No one can go after them. Everyone has one in their pocket. Cash is dying a death. As they’re insured, it’s safer to have plastic in your pocket than cash. My other tip is to go long on the

pound. Sterling isn’t bad at the moment. Hold the pound and buy the dollar after Brexit, and you might make 5-10%.

Do you have a secret formula? I have four rules: 1. Never lose money 2. Never forget rule number one 3. Never give up 4. Never ever give up

What’s next? Another TV programme? I’m lucky to have a wonderful relationship with Channel 4 and I like making TV that makes a positive difference to peoples’ lives

but it’s time consuming and I don’t do it for the money. I’m looking at a couple of different shows and big opportunities including America, but at the moment I need to be around to secure the bank licence.

Do you ever sleep? I sleep around five to six hours a night, but I was up at 2.15am last night writing notes. My mind is always active. I’d like to be the first in Europe to build an electric bus with Elon Musk and Tesla technology — I’ve offered to fund the UK development costs.

So how do you relax? I’ve been a pilot for more than 20 years and love to fly helicopters and planes. When I get fed up, I look for the clouds and go and sit on top of one of them. Flying is difficult, engulfing and yet so wonderful — everything else melts away.

“ Wine makes all things possible.””

George R.R. Martin, The Mystery Knight

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This feature is not intended to constitute financial advice. Investors are urged to seek independent professional advice when considering an investment. Investing places your capital at risk and the value of investments is variable. Unless it is guaranteed, it can go down as well as up. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Tax rules and allowances depend on your circumstances and may change.

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