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London pension savers are the least likely to have a good understanding of pensions in Britain. Many lack the basic information on their own pensions. For example, 54% of Londoners with a pension don’t know how much their pension is worth and 28% don’t know the providers that hold their pensions. This low level of engagement is likely to result in poor retirement outcomes for millions of pension savers.*

That’s where we come in. We help you find pensions you’ve lost track of, tell you all about them and then compare them to whole of the market to see if they can be improved. We’ll only advise you to move your pension savings if it’s the best thing for you. And if your money’s fine where it is, we’ll tell you that too.

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Three things you should know about your pension(s)


Know where they are & how much they’re worth

We’ve found that 1 in 5 people have lost track of one or more pension, so you may be surprised to find you have more savings than you thought. Once you’ve tracked down all your pensions, knowing how much they’re worth is the first step in figuring out how much more you need for a comfortable retirement.


Know what fees you’re paying

Although fees are unavoidable, time after time we see customers paying over the odds. This can have a big impact on your pension value. The lack of transparency around pension charges in the industry has meant 79% of British pension savers don’t know how much they’re paying, and 62% don’t even know they pay annual charges.*

*Profile Pensions research, based on three separate surveys, survey size = 2,025, 2,038, 2,055 (April, July & August)

**Moneyfacts (January 2018) 3

Know how it’s performing

The returns your pension achieves depends on the quality of the fund you’re invested in. The average pension fund returned 10% in 2017.**

Over 30,000 people better understand their pension

Impartial advice from an FCA regulated company

Over £700m funds under management


We have a 9.3 Trustpilot rating from 1,000+ reviews

Are You Paying Too Much For HEALTH INSURANCE?

We represent all the major health insurance providers including BUPA, AXA-PPP, VITALITY HEALTH and AVIVA

We are able, in most cases, to transfer you to a more suitable policy whilst still providing cover for conditions that you may already have had treatment for

We can also negotiate, on your behalf, with your current insurer. This may lead to lower premiums without the need to change insurers

You pay nothing for the Medischeme service. We receive a standard fee from whichever insurer you choose

Our service can include an annual review to ensure continued competitiveness of your cover

No need to wait until the renewal of your current policy. We can look at a more suitable option mid-term

There is no upper age limit to review a scheme To: Medischeme – FREEPOST RTGX-GKKK-TXLG, 7 Castle Street, Tonbridge, TN9 1BH Name

Address Telephone No

Current Insurer (if any) Medischeme Health Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Email ES09/18 Age

0800 085 2677

We also specialise in international and expatriate plans

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