Inheritance tax for landlords is optional

HMRC-accepted, bespoke, non-contentious estate planning for high-net-worth landlords

Wilson Rose specialises in assisting high-net-worth landlords in miti- gating their

ensuring that their wealth is distrib- uted and used in accordance with their wishes after their death. Tis is achieved with bespoke structures that are completely n o n - c o nt e nt i o u s because they’re already proven to be accepted by HMRC in court. Wilson Rose therefore

you inheritance tax and a bespoke inheritance tax

planning solution. Te courts no longer accept

This service is

for landlords with portfolio equity totalling over £5m

works with the best inher- itance tax barristers in the UK, those who offer you only proven and completely non-contentious estate planning structures that HMRC has already accepted in court, giving you peace of mind. Tax barristers are regularly in

court on tax matters with clients being challenged by HMRC. Because of this, they get to see what other professionals, such as accountants, don’t see. Tey see what HMRC doesn’t accept, and more importantly they see what HMRC does accept, which is why they’re best placed to offer

‘loopholes’ (angles Parliament didn’t think of when passing a law), so most tax planning — although perhaps tech- nically correct — will no longer work if chal- lenged by HMRC. Estate planning solu- tions must also be polit- ically correct and not be defined as tax schemes. To be politically correct, there

must be another overriding reason for adopting a particular struc- ture, apart from mitigating tax. Te tax mitigation comes as a happy consequence to adopting that structure. Your estate planning structure

also needs to be flexible, so that as your personal situation changes over time (many of us are living much longer), your structure can be adjusted without you being penal- ised or stuck in a structure that no longer serves you. Te tax barristers offer flexibility in all their solutions, which is vital for you!

Call Wilson Rose now on 020 7754 5937 to discuss your estate planning needs

Wilson Rose works with the best inheritance tax barristers in the UK, ones who offer you only proven and completely non-contentious estate planning structures that HMRC has already accepted in court, giving you peace of mind

Property Investments 41

Protect your property with award-winning landlord insurance from Hamilton Fraser

Landlords have faced a tremendous amount of change in recent years with increases to stamp duty, tougher lending rules and tax restrictions leaving many feeling the pinch

To get 10% off your

With profits already squeezed, nasty surprises such as uninsured damage or rogue tenants are likely to be more catastrophic to landlords than they might previously have been. Te only way to mitigate these risks is to have the right insurance in place. However,

a surprising number

of landlords don’t realise that they need specific landlord insurance, not just standard buildings insurance. A comprehensive landlord insurance policy will cover for all eventualities including accidental damage, mali- cious damage, theft, public liability cover in the event that a tenant or a visitor suffered damage at the prop- erty, and even loss of rent. With a unique understanding of

the buy-to-let industry, Hamilton Fraser regularly adapts its landlord insurance policies to ensure they meet the needs of the ever-changing market, giving landlords peace of mind that they won’t be caught out. Hamilton Fraser Landlord Insur-

ance has been created to meet the needs of landlords by offering two simple policies, essential and premier, taking the headache out of buying buy-to-let landlord insur- ance. Te two, easy-to-understand

policies combine buildings and contents insurance, and even include loss of rent and liability cover for landlords; meaning, however a landlord manages their they’ll have

cover that

landlord insurance, call 0800 6343 880 quoting

letting, protects

their investment. Unlike some land- lord insurance providers, Hamilton Fraser will also accommodate for all types of tenants from those on housing benefit to students, houses in multiple occupation and working tenants with no difference in cover or price. Winner of ‘Best Landlord Insur-

ance Provider’ at the Insurance Choice Awards — the only inde- pendent insurance awards voted for by UK customers — Hamilton Fraser not only offers great value build- ings and contents insurance, but also delivers exceptional customer service with a five-star rating on Trustpilot, as well as access to a suite of tools providing landlords with valuable insights into the best ways to protect their investments.

For more details contact:

T: 0800 6343 880

ES0918, or enter the code at the online checkout: landlord-insurance

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