Property Investments 37 Is property still an attractive investment?

Britain has had a long-term love affair with property ownership, but lately the negative headlines surrounding the UK property market coupled with tax hikes on buy-to-let have left many wondering whether there’s still money to be made from property investing

For most people, investing in prop- erty usually involves the hassle of buy-to-let

or renovations, which

might seem like a less attractive option now that the potential for profit is reduced. But, for the first time, technology is allowing people to access the benefits associated with professional property invest- ment with significantly less effort and less capital required. — part of a new breed

of crowdfunding platforms — is allowing people to invest in prop- erty

from £250, helping them to spread risk

development and achieve


opportunities returns

across relatively short-term oppor- tunities. Unlike traditional property investing, where your money is often tied up in a single asset, allows you to spread your money across multiple properties in loca- tions across the UK — reducing the exposure to risk that comes with investing in a single property type in just one area. Investors can allocate their money

to loans, which are secured against property, meaning that the values would have to fall significantly (typi- cally over 20%) for you to lose money. Alternatively, they

can put their

money into development opportuni- ties that build value and allow inves- tors to share in the profits. Up until

For more information:

T: 0203 740 6030

Investors should be aware that the value of their investment can go down as well as up and past performance cannot guarantee future performance. Investor’s capital is at risk and investors may not get back what they invest. For a full explanation of the risks involved, visit Propio is the trading name for Invest with Prop Ltd, an appointed representative of Sapia Partners LLP, which is authorised and regulated by the FCA.

now these opportunities have been inaccessible to everyday investors. While these opportunities are inher- ently more risky than secured loans, they have the potential

to deliver

substantial returns in excess of 15% per year. What’s more,’s sleek

and easy-to-use platform is avail- able on your mobile, meaning that you can sign up and invest in a loan that’s regenerating South Wales on your morning commute, or a devel- opment in W10 on your lunchbreak. It’s true that traditional property

investing may be facing an uncertain future, but with, prop- erty is still an attractive investment.

Why would I need short term property finance? If your property is time sensitive, it can give you access to money high street banks can’t offer in as little as one week.

Property Finance Done Differently.

We are a principal lender providing swift, competitive short-term property finance, allowing clients to realise opportunities and progress developments.

How could you benefit from this type of finance? So you never have to miss an investment opportunity, whether it is a one bedroom flat in Tooting or an office redevelopment in Oxford, we can help.

How am I eligible for this type of finance? All you need is to own your own property or a portfolio of properties; we are an asset lender and not driven by credit profiling.

Our rates start from

% per month £ £

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