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Loss assessors: how to get truly independent expert help with your property insurance claims

Disasters, big or small, are unfortunate and stressful, and dealing with your insurance company is not easy. You just want to forget it ever happened — thankfully loss assessors are here to help

When something unfortunate happens to your property it always comes at the worst possible time. Consumers and business owners are often stressed and anxious when dealing with insurance companies and don’t understand the very real benefi ts off ered by independent loss assessors. It can be a little confusing appreciating the diff erence between loss assessors and loss adjusters, but anyone in the midst of an insur- ance claim for property damage will fi nd that the services of a loss assessor can really make all the diff erence. When you make an insurance

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Makers today to fi nd out ways you can

benefi t from underpaid old claims, rejected claims, or new claims

and any essential professionals, so that your insurance company has a greater awareness of the circum- stances of your loss as well as the potential costs of repairs and rein- statement. All associated paperwork and administration is dealt with by your loss assessors, leaving you free to carry on with your life or busi- ness. Where required, loss assessors also work with other independent experts to ensure that they have all the neces- sary evidence to support

your claim. Claim Makers provides profes-

sional loss assessment and claims management services throughout the UK and has a brilliant track record in achieving the best insur- ance settlements for any busi- ness or homeowner. Nikita Tches- nokov, a director at Claim Makers, commented: “Nobody knows what loss assessors are, but we should be the very fi rst point of contact when something unfortunate happens in your property. We fi ght for the rights of the policyholders to ensure they receive the compensation they’re rightfully entitled to so they can get their property back in order".

When it comes to receiving the

best levels of insurance compensa- tion for damages to property, it really does make sense to employ your own loss assessor. Claim Makers has the professional expertise needed to deal appropriately with insurance companies and negotiate levels of compensation that are adequate for repairing damages to homes and business premises. “Our expertise is unparalleled.

We’ve achieved settlement increases in excess of 40% for some of our clients in the UK, settling for £500k in a recent residential claim in Regent’s Park” said Nikita Tchesnokov.

Our expertise is unparalleled. We’ve achieved settlement increases in excess of 40% for some of our clients in the UK, settling for £500k in a recent residential claim in Regent’s Park

Claim Makers Areas of expertise

claim, insurance companies send out loss adjusters. T ese individ- uals are employed by the insur- ance company, and their job is to review the damages and their circumstances; ‘adjusting’ the claim presented to them by the policy- holder and deciding what will be paid for — and what won’t. T at’s where loss assessors like

Claim Makers come in. With a loss assessor on your side, you can expect a valuable service, which is far more likely to achieve a fair and realistic settlement for the damages, which will enable you to restore your prop- erty back to its original condition. Loss assessors know the terms and conditions of insurance policies, and know how to approach each type of claim to ensure that the best result is achieved. Loss assessors work on your behalf to collect evidence from yourself

• Water, fl ood, and burst pipes • Fire • Appliance leaks • Theft and vandalism • Accidental damage • Wood and tile fl oor damage • Marine • Business interruption

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