Labels that last

Industrial label and nameplate manufacturer, GSM Graphic Arts presents a new range of specialist labels at this year’s show. It consists of both metal and

plastic labels, nameplates and control panels including options which are chemical-resistant, UV-durable and anti-bacterial and suitable for use in medical, marine, outdoor and petro- chemical applications. Visitors will see samples of

chemical resistant labels where the text detail is etched away below the surface of the stainless steel to remain readable even in the harshest of environments such as off shore oil terminals and food processing equipment. Anti-bacterial labels are produced

using a pre-coated material or, in the case of anodised aluminium nameplates, applying an anti- microbial varnish to the finished label. These labels can be used in a washroom environment, on

Additions increase cutting speeds

Birmingham cutting tool manufacturer, Guhring, will introduce its high-performance line of end mills and the latest addition to its extensive holemaking portfolio. Among the former is the new RF

healthcare equipment or in hotels and leisure centres. UV-durable labels have been

tested to an ANSI specification to ensure that they do not discolour and that the text remains legible for a minimum of five years, for use as warning labels and graphic overlays incorporating display windows. There will also be samples of 3D

logo badges, serial number rating plates and barcode labels as well as graphic overlays and control panels.

Visit GSM Graphic Arts at stand B190

Microscope measures in 2D and 3D

Among the wide range of measurement and inspection solutions, Keyence will be

showcasing its latest digital microscope, the VHX-7000, where both 2D and 3D measurements can be performed with ease.

Just one microscope is required

to take roughness, contamination, grain size and a host of other measurements. Observation is provided with an optimal balance of brightness and clarity.

Visitors are encouraged

to bring samples for live demonstrations of the products.

Visit Keyence at stand A200

Application-specifi c enclosures demonstrate in-house capabilities

Among the products showcased by Hammond, will be examples of application- specific plastic and die-cast enclosures that demonstrate its in-house capability, a benefit of a recent £100k+ investment. CNC milling, drilling, punching,

engraving and printing are available, as are EMC coatings, front panel overlays, custom colours for moulded enclosures and a variety of diff erent paint finishes for metal enclosures. PDF drawings or CAD files are available to allow customers to specify any modifications required. The company manufactures several

designs of high performance sealed enclosures, including the IP68 1557 desktop or wall mounting family,

Speed milling range machining of very tough materials. The five-fluted RF100 5-Speed and seven-fluted RF100 7-Speed solid carbide end mills generate high metal removal rates with stable process reliability, even when processing the most diff icult-to-machine materials, says the company. Providing high- performance roughing at high cutting depths, the two new ranges maximise feed rate parameters during large metal removal rates for machining tough stainless steels, special alloys and a wide variety of steel and cast- iron grades. There will also be the new

RT100XF, which has been developed to reduce cycle times for diff icult- to-machine materials and special applications in series production. It is said to be extremely resilient to potential breakages, due to the new

carbide grade developed by the company. The drill supports the robust performance of the carbide grade and surface treatment with an early double margin support to ensure bore size and roundness. Available in 5XD and 7XD, the new drills can be purchased in diameters from 3.0 to 20mm diameter with 0.1mm increments. The series is also off ered with all common imperial dimensions. The team will be on hand to

demonstrate and discuss some of the new products from the ‘High Performance Tools for Machining Modern Composite Materials’ brochure, which includes the latest

Thermal wire stripper outstrips mechanical versions

A thermal wire stripper, designed to overcome all common problems associated with using mechanical strippers and hand tools, will be launched by Hakko. The FT-802 satisfies the demands

of the military, medical and aerospace industries. It ensures the precise, clean-cut removal of wire insulation, even highly heat-resistant PTFE, says the company. It can also be used for stripping insulation from single core wires. Thermal wire strippers are

accurate, safe and eff ective for stress-free insulation removal from thick wires to even super-fine wires. ESD-safe and RoHS-compliant, the thermal wire strippers ensure clean-

cut removal of wire insulation using the appropriate heat to burn through the insulation material around the wiring without damaging the internal cores. The thermal wire stripper is designed for precision, allowing for eff ective stripping of very fine AWG 38 with standard blades. An integrated hand piece holder,

with a blade storage holder and blade removal plate incorporated into the system, save space. The high power output setting can reach up to 120% in parameter settings. The handpiece has a comfortable,

ergonomic grip with a tweezer construction, allowing for even closer alignment and works in conjunction with a new series of G4 blades. The

Creative automation

to be exhibited for the first time in the UK. Other recently introduced products include the 1554 and 1555 IP68 models and the 1550 and 1590 die-cast enclosures for EMC and sealing up to IP67. All are available in a wide number of standard sizes. At the other end of the sealing

spectrum is the new 1551V miniature ventilated sensor enclosures to house sensors and small sub- systems installed in a manufacturing environment.

Visit Hammond at stand F125

From track systems for robot automation to complete production lines performing multi-assembly tasks, HepcoMotion’s products off er creative automation solutions. It will showcase a selection of linear and circular motion products, including the GFX Hepco Guidance

for Beckhoff XTS (eXtended Transport System). The company’s PRT2 and 1-Trak guidance systems work with Beckhoff ’s XTS circuit linear system to meet the needs of higher duty XTS applications. The robust, flexible solution will revolutionise production processes

Software to power the future

Software is the life blood of the future. Artificial intelligence, the IoT, self- driving cars, smart cities and robotics will all require millions of lines of computer code, says Harmonic Software Systems. From securing IoT devices, developing bespoke software,

implementing AI and machine learning, to certifying and testing avionic systems, its engineers apply the latest agile software development processes and cutting-edge development tools to help businesses cut costs and deliver on time, every time.

Visit Harmonic Software Systems at

stand E100 11-13 FEB, FARNBOROUGH INTERNATIONAL, GU14 6TQ | 9.30AM TO 4.30PM (CLOSES 3.30PM THURSDAY) in many

manufacturing applications, says the company.

Visit HepcoMotion at stand G230

positioning of the heater in the hand piece allows for greater thermal eff iciency, for an even cleaner cut, says the company. Settings can be locked with

a password and the output temperature set to suit the insulation material. There is a choice of three replacement blades for a wide range of wire gauges.

Visit Hakko at stand L90

solid carbide and PCD drills and end mills, taps, slot drills and PCD compression milling cutters to meet the evolving needs of markets that range from aerospace, automotive and power generation to marine, medical, sport and hobbyist sectors.

Visit Guhring at stand H185

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