Investing to shorten lead time for in-demand service

Having just celebrated its 30th birthday, Perfect Bore Manufacturing is delighted to announce details of a £1,000,000 investment in its deep hole boring capacity, including the acquisition a Tibo deep hole boring machine. This will allow the company to off er shorter lead times in its large deep hole boring services that are in ever-increasing demand. The division specialises in 25 to 200m diameter and up to 2,500mm in length. This investment also includes a

dedicated honing machine to free up capacity on CNC and vertical honing machines and an extension to its premises to store additional material on site. In addition to core activities of gundrilling, deep hole boring, CNC turning and honing, the grinding

Packaging protects in extremes

The Protector case range protects all types of equipment such as instrumentation, components and fragile items, says Peli Products (UK). Cases off er watertight, dustproof and crushproof security, for the transportation of specialised industrial equipment. They are covered by the company’s “You break it, we replace it” lifetime guarantee.

division has doubled its capacity and attracts a lot of interest, especially since the company’s involvement in a National Aerospace Technology Programme (NATEP) project to grind a hard chrome replacement coating. The company continually looks to improve its service, operations and

Soldering technology has global support

Selective soldering has been off ered to the electronics industry for over 30 years by Pillarhouse International. Options range from low cost,

standalone systems through to high-speed, inline production cells. Systems are used by many of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers, confirms the company, which claims to off er the latest developments in soldering technology, backed by a global network of technical sales and support specialists.

takes pride in working to industry accreditations. It has just been re- granted Fit for Nuclear (F4N) Status for a further three years.

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stand M270

Adhesives bond battery cells in EVs

Cases are produced in over 80 sizes and protect sensitive equipment against extreme

conditions. The automatic pressure equalisation valve stops moisture from entering the case and

prevents vacuum-lock so it can be opened easily at any altitude. The foam engineering facility,

MSA Foams, provides durable packaging options, with machined, pressed or fabricated foam products to fit an extensive range of cases and containers. The end product can protect components at all stages, from the beginning of the manufacturing line, through transit and in operation by the end user. MSA is accredited to ISO14001 and ISO9001 and now has MPAS

accreditation, certified to design and

manufacture military packaging. The protective packaging

services are designed in-house and specifically tailored to fit the equipment. Precision engineered foam ensures each item is securely packed and off ers full protection from drops, knocks and vibration. The bespoke foam inserts optimise the space and provide maximum product protection, says the company. Inserts organise tools eff iciently

and, using coloured foam, ensure missing items are easily identified.

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Expansion and investment reduces waste

Specialist in injection moulding and tooling, Plastic Moulding Solutions has made significant financial investment throughout 2019 in all areas of the company to increase production and bring significant benefits to customers, which it says is already reaping rewards. The company purchased an

engineering/toolmaking facility to expand and enhance the mould tool manufacturing capabilities, to improve lead times. It has also invested in expanding and updating the range of moulding machines, to achieve increased production and is using the best available digital technology to reduce

cost and waste with consideration to environment issues. The latest news is that a 60 ton machine has just been ordered. Areas relating to design and

technical applications have been improved by the purchase of an additional 3D high resolution printer, to bring an improved service to customers wishing to prove the fit and function of components before committing to mould tooling. The result has been customer

growth and securing of contracts for new tooling and injection moulding in the medical, security, lighting and fastener industries.

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Moulding Solutions at stand N245

Engineering adhesives for the manufacturing industry available from Permabond now include the ET5441 thermally conductive epoxy adhesive with high temperature resistance. It expands the range of adhesives

for the electronics and electric motors market, off ering high strength performance, thermal conductivity of 1W/m.k (normal epoxies are 0.3W/m.k) and high temperature resistance. Even at 180°C it achieves 5MPa to 6MPa shear strength on mild steel and it can even withstand 200°C for brief periods. Suitable applications include

bonding battery cells to casing for electric vehicle (EV) batteries, electric motor and electronics components or where high strength structural bonding and resistance to high temperatures are required but where a single-part heat-cure epoxy is impractical. Other recent developments include an adhesives for low surface energy plastics (polypropylene, polyethylene, LDPE, HDPE, PTFE), a multi-purpose “bond all” toughened acrylic in handy syringe packaging (no gun required), adhesives with WRAS approval and FDA and EU10/2011-compliant adhesives for food and beverage applications.

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Engineering staff increases to manage projects

For over 30 years, close tolerance injection moulded components from Precision Engineering Plastics (PEP), have combined technical capability with a genuine problem- solving mentality. From a 40,000 sq ft London-

based manufacturing facility that boasts 30 injection moulding machines including an automated six-axis robotic cell, an in-house tool room and a dedicated floor for assembly and other added value services. Multiple tooling suites can be

handled in the tool room, introduced

in 2009. To keep up with this growing demand the company is increasing the size and capacity of the in-house tool room. Communication and visibility are

vital throughout these technical projects and the team, now consisting of four project engineers, manages the project from start to finish and maintains a single point of contact throughout the client’s entire project.

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stand C250 LoRa RF modules

are highlighted At this year’s show, RF Solutions will be displaying a new range of LoRa (long range) radio modules and a new range of off the shelf products. The Lambda 62 RF module will

be showcased. This 868 / 915Mhz LoRa transceiver is a cost-eff ective radio module featuring Semtech SX1262 LoRa for a range of over 20km. Visitors will also see the Lambda

80. This LoRa RF module operates at 2.4GHz for worldwide use and features the Semtech SX1280 LoRa spread spectrum. According to the


both modules are eff icient and

aff ordable to enable

new applications never previously realised.

Based in West Sussex, the

company has been manufacturing the highest quality RF components and remote control systems for the past 25 years and claims to be the UK’s leading supplier of RF remote control and telemetry systems.

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