Watertight case for gasketing service

As part of the display at this year’s show, Amey Plastics will be showcasing its new high-quality gasketing service. The company says it is particularly suitable for manufacturers looking for guaranteed, water-tight mouldings for products. The Hampshire injection moulding

company off ers a wide range of post- moulding services. Using a newly-purchased CNC

robot, intricate paths can be followed around any moulding in a 2D or 3D plane, to produce high-quality gaskets. The company says it has the


support for manufacturing

capability to meet the size demands of every manufacturer – from large gaskets for the automotive and rail industry, to smaller, specialist, pharmaceutical-grade parts for the medical industry.

Visit Amey Plastics at stand L200

Investments have increased PCBA capacity

At the forefront of high-tech and fast-turn PCB assembly (PCBA) for over 15 years, ASK Technology is looking forward to discussing the recent investments to increase PCBA capacity. The company has added to its production and inspection equipment and increased staff and skill sets to ensure that ideas become reality for research and design through proof of concept to prototyping. It is also prepared for production no matter its final volume or mass production location. Now, there is no need to wait

for exciting new designs to be introduced to the market due to high cost barriers such as large minimum order quantities (MOQs), long lead times and long-term volume commitments, says the company. It

helps get a product to market with no MOQs and by off ering rapid response and flexible capacity. After completing and fine tuning

a design, the next step is to produce it. The company is experienced in working in all industries with all manner of technologies. Design for manufacture reporting is provided with every job guided by ISO 9001:2015-certified quality system processes.

Visit ASK Technology at stand A110

Manufacturing process caters for marine industry

Part of the Indutrade Group of companies, Birmingham Specialities off ers a bespoke dipstick manufacturing process and currently supplies the marine industry, off -highway vehicles and pump manufacturers. There are two sites in the West

Midlands, specialising in precision pressed metal parts. Over 20,000,000 components were manufactured in 2018. With 30+ presses and a press

capacity up to 160 tonnes the company off ers precision presswork in a wide range of materials, with

ancillary, CNC machining and assembly operations also available. The in-house tool room and CAD

Capture data for the IoT

Instrumentation, electronics and software design specialist, Beam, will be presenting the new BMeasure-125i data acquisition, logging and control IoT data capture, data logging and control system. Application areas include

scientific/engineering research, industrial measurements, vibration measurements and remote sensing. It has eight synchronously sampled analogue inputs (24

bit, 128ksamsple/s), with eight digital I/O channels, two analogue outputs, two relays and two switch inputs. Supported communication interfaces are USB, Ethernet (with PoE), RS485 and Wi-Fi.

Visit Beam at stand N110

technology means there is the capability to design, manufacture and maintain customer tooling. The company is an OEM of cable

management, from tags and saddle clamps, to a range of over 200 P-clips – available in various materials and with lining options to suit almost all applications. BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certification

ensures all work is undertaken to the highest level of quality.

Visit Birmingham Specialties at stand B235

In-process tool and workpiece control systems for CNC machine tools exhibited by Blum Novotest will include the recently introduced Digilog series of probing solutions. The company will also be showing the latest software advances for these products and how machining companies can greatly increase the adaptive possibilities to produce good parts every time. Fully automated solutions can now be realised by any company that carries Software advances to integrate CNC machines

the company, so that fully adaptive solutions can be realised by even the smallest of CNC machining businesses. The tech team will be on the stand

out machining contributing directly to the bottom line. The software advances make

both the integration and everyday use simple and user-friendly, says

to discuss how to get the most from the technology. Existing users are welcome to visit to understand how to use the systems better and improve their knowledge.

Visit Blum Novotest at stand E230

11-13 FEB, FARNBOROUGH INTERNATIONAL, GU14 6TQ | 9.30AM TO 4.30PM (CLOSES 3.30PM THURSDAY) The company advises, using

extensive knowledge within industries such as rubber engineering, precision machining, electronics manufacturing, plastic moulding and machining, fabrication, machine tool and consumable suppliers, castings and foundries and general or advanced engineering.

Visit AMI – Aspect Media International at

stand C235

Celebrating 10 years supporting industrial companies, AMI - Aspect Media International is a digital marketing agency, trusted by over 200 engineering and manufacturing companies.

Five new machines for cable preparation

Five new machines will be on the Automated Cable Solutions stand, including the Carpenter cut and strip machine, PP3+ stripper crimper, a multi-core wire stripper and a digital microscope. Visitors will be able to see hand

tools, mini applicators, crimping presses, wire pull testers, cable feeders, machines for cutting cable and tubing, cutting and stripping, jacket stripping, coax stripping, wire stripping, magnet wire stripping and braid combing. The company also off ers cut,

strip and crimp machines from JAM and supplies stripping blades and spare parts for all types of cut and stripping, wire stripping and crimping machines.

It is also

an agent for GEM Terminal,

Mikropla and Hatko and off ers a large range of bandolier

terminals for side feed and rear feed terminals for mini applicators and off ers a wide range of loose piece end sleeve ferrules.

As well as new equipment, there

is a range of used equipment for sale, including Schleuniger, Komax, Kirsten, Mecal, and Gamma models.

Visit Automated Cable Solutions at

stand C60

Connectors shrink for sensor use

The latest examples from Binder’s comprehensive range of connectors include the 707 M5 connector series (pictured) which now includes an over-moulded connector on PUR cables with 3600 shielding. These are among the smallest sensor connectors currently available and will suit a variety of applications across many industry sectors including materials handling, conveyor systems and automation in general, as well as camera and security systems. Importantly for sensor applications,

these cable assemblies off er uninterrupted data transfer thanks to attenuation figures of 60dB at 1GHz. Also on display will be the latest

M12 A coded, moulded connectors which incorporate both power and signal/data contacts. These “hybrid” M12 connectors are particularly suitable for complex applications where both power and signal are required in a limited space. The Series 570 ELC (Easy Locking

Connector) is specifically for use in medical applications where there is a need for constant mating and un-mating. This connector is capable of more than 5000 mating cycles - enough to satisfy the operating requirements of many medical system applications. It features an intuitive locking system that clicks together to ensure positive mating and protection against un-mating. It is also impossible to mis-mate the connector system as the position is defined by the profile shape of the mating area. Even un-mated, the female panel mount connector has been designed to provide protection against the ingress of liquids, water splash and accidental electrical contact and, when mated, it off ers protection to IP54.

Visit Binder at stand C110

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