Computer monitored

feed maintains quality

With over 40 years’ experience in the plastics industry, injection moulding company, River Manufacturing can help customers from an initial idea through to the finished article, marketing and distribution, to realise a product on time and at a competitive price. It manufactures at its factory in Sunbury on Thames for UK, European and overseas customers. Facilities include machines from

35T to 400T and computer-monitored material feeding and colour management as well as on-line CNC robotics, enabling the company to maintain the highest levels of eff iciency and quality control at all stages of production. Certified to ISO 9001:2015, the

company’s services include technical consultancy, project management, R&D, manufacture of tooling and products, 100% recycled materials, in-mould labelling and printing, finishing, assembly and packing, marketing, supply and distribution.

Visit River Manufacturing at stand A210

Transducers can be customised for environments and uses

Design, development and manufacture of transducers and instrumentation to measure linear and rotary displacement, force, pressure and torque, take place at RDP Electronics’ Wolverhampton factory. The company produces

general industrial designs as well as applications involving high temperature, radiation, high pressure and long-term sub-sea installations. It can also produce custom transducers to suit specific environments and applications, such as this specially designed, compact LVDT for use in a hostile environment (pictured). There will be two new products highlighted at this year’s show. The CANbus LVDT combines the benefits of absolute, high-repeatability, robust LVDT technology with eff icient modern CAN interface protocols and the R360D rotary position sensor uses contactless magneto-resistive sensing to provide a conditioned 4.0 to 20mA output over a full 360° shaft rotation. The company says it is a world leader in LVDT transducers for linear displacement measurement. It also supplies Micropulse magnetostrictive sensors. Full scale ranges run from

Fasteners and fi xings fi t around customer

Supplying fasteners and fixings to the OEM, catalogue and end- user market, Righton Fasteners, a division of Hexstone, off ers bespoke packing/kitting, either by hand or by using automated packing machines. This enables the company to kit items into compartment boxes, boxes or sealed bags which display product details, logos and barcodes according to design specifications. The company supplies A2 and A4

stainless steel, brass, carbon steel and plastic fasteners along with higher-grade alloys in 10.9, 12.9 and 14.9. It is also able to source special manufacturer fasteners.

Products are sourced from leading global manufacturers which are certified and provide full product traceability. Commitment to customer service

includes a designated account manager who has expert knowledge of the industry and market trends. The company has ISO 9001:2015 status, for environmental performance, providing customers peace of mind with regards to sourcing and supplying responsibly. The company has developed

long-term customer partnerships that continue to grow, off ering a tailored service to suit business requirements. From bulk stock

1.0mm to 7.6m. For load cells (force), fluid pressure

and torque (reaction or rotating) the company off ers strain-gauge technology from Honeywell’s Sensotec and Lebow ranges. Load cell ranges run from 250g

to over 1000 tonnes. Pressure transducers (gauge, absolute or diff erential) are available from 35mbar to over 10,000bar. Torque transducers and systems capacities from 70mNm to 2,500Nm. Associated instrumentation,

separate or integral to the transducer, off ers analogue voltage, 4.0 to 20mA, RS232, RS485, SSI and fieldbus. Additional features such as scalable displays, trips and data logging are available.

Visit RDP Electronics at stand D30

Add value to power products and displays

If it is a standard catalogue product you are looking for, Relec can provide AD/ DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters and displays. But, says the company, it can provide much more. It has an expert understanding of applications, specifications and governing standards to find the right solution for the application. The company believes in

providing clients with even more choice by providing unique options and enhancements in all the lines supplied and by off ering manufacturing services such as sub-assemblies and finished products. In addition, many

products complement one another, allowing customers to source many of their power supplies and displays from a single supplier. Products for rail applications

comply with national and international railway standards EN50121-3-2, EN50155. The company’s comprehensive and easy to navigate website shows the particular standard to which a product complies. In addition, the product may also benefit from having been listed by Network Rail PADS (Parts and Drawing System).

Visit Relec Electronics at stand D110

Standard components meets custom manufacturing

A growing range of standard components and new product introductions, including numerous enclosure hardware, will be displayed by Rencol Components. These include plastic and metal

components, including knobs, handles, hand wheels, clamping handles and levers, indexing plungers and levelling feet. The company has large UK stocks and off ers next-day delivery and 3D CAD. A long engineering heritage,

holding to kitted products, it off ers fixed-term contracts to maintain continuity of supply whilst securing the price throughout the term of the contract.

Visit Righton Fasteners at stand N195

Test lab has international accreditations

Electronic devices on sale in the EU/ UK that contain any form of wireless communication must comply with the Radio Equipment Directive (RED). RN Electronics specialises in the testing of such products to ensure they meet the relevant EMC and radio standards. Experienced engineers work with

customers to identify and resolve any issues identified by testing. It is accredited by UKAS to test a wide range of wireless technologies including Bluetooth, ZigBee and Wi-Fi – including both 2.4 and 5GHz frequencies. It also provides accredited EMC

and wireless testing for the US and Canadian markets. It is an FCC conformity assessment body for the USA, is listed by ISED for Canada and accredited for testing for Australia and New Zealand. It provides an FCC and ISED certification service and can support worldwide approval of a customer’s electronic devices. The EMC and radio test laboratory

tests products for a number of industries including multimedia,

manufacturing experience and established supply chain have given rise to Rencol Manufacturing, a dedicated custom manufacturing service which provides UK clients with cost-eff ective and reliable plastic and metal product manufacturing. The new division capitalises on

the Group’s significant experience in plastic and metal injection moulding, machining, forging, casting, finishing

and sub-assemblies to off er an end- to-end service, from prototyping and tooling, to mass production, finishing and assembly. Operations director, Mark Walker, remarks that “a key strength is Rencol’s proven track record in producing high precision production tooling”.

Visit Rencol Components at stand D210

High current switches replace multiple components

medical, defence (DEF STAN 59-411 & MIL STD-461) and automotive (UNECE Regulation 10).

Visit RN Electronics at stand K85

New additions to the RJS Electronics range will be highlighted this year. Among them is RJSX07 high current switches range, rated at 12V/20A and 24V/15A resistive load. Switch circuit options are 1NO (16, 19, 22 and 25mm) or 2NO (22 and 25mm). Switches are IP67-rated (at the front) and available with LED illumination (ring, power or custom symbol). The switches replace traditional multiple components assembly with a single unit design. Visitors will also see RJS1NLP

switches, the latest addition to the low profile switch range. They are available in sizes 12 to 25mm with IP67/IP68 rating and RGB illumination. They have a low profile of 12.3mm from the

underside of the bezel. There is also the RJS-SDE, a

multi-purpose and multi-functioning encoder and push button switch. It is IP65-rated, low power (3.3V) and has a colour 1.22-inch round TFT display enclosed in a 50.5mm rotary wheel encoder with a 0.5mm travel switch. In addition, products can be


Visit RJS Electronics at stand C100


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