Baling presses for every application

Programming simplicity is highlighted

Software developments on the Max5 control feature will be demonstrated by Hurco. The TM8i two-axis CNC

lathe (pictured) turns parts up to 356mm in diameter, 525mm long, and is suited to bar work up to 64mm in diameter. The compact turning machine features Max5 control. The company will be highlighting

The core competency of HSM (UK) is baling presses for every application, every material and designed according to every individual demand, regardless of the material to be processed, the volume or the local conditions, says the company. The single goal is to deal with

waste materials ecologically and economically. It compresses packaging waste up to 95% and compact cardboard, plastics and nearly all waste materials into bales which can be easily stacked and transported. There are also technologies for durable compression and devaluation of PET bottles. Customer service ranges from

consulting on selecting the right press for a specific application, to individual system development and supporting the press operation.

Visit HSM (UK) at stand A245

3D printers save space

Supplying and supporting 3D printers and additive manufacturing systems for over 25 years, Laser Lines has helped companies reduce manufacturing costs and accelerate time-to-market. This year, it will present the

XM200C metal powder-bed fusion 3D printer from Xact Metal. The compact, aff ordable system can produce quality metal parts from a variety of metal powders at a low cost. There is a 100W or 200W laser option and open software architecture, making it suitable for universities, prototyping laboratories and small to medium enterprises. The new Method 3D printer from

MakerBot will also be demonstrated. This model combines the speed and accuracy of an industrial 3D printer with the space-saving design of a desktop unit. Another first will be the

latest Form 3 3D printer from Formlabs. It uses re-engineered printing technology (low force stereolithography or LFS), to reduce forces when printing for a smooth surface finish.

Visit Laser Lines at stand E150

the latest software developments available on the Max5 control. The 19-inch, colour touchscreen control has always been popular, because of the ease with which a first-off part can be programmed. In addition, the latest Solid model import option, capable of reducing programming time even further, will be demonstrated. The new XP model

enhancements mean that concurrent programming, improved graphics and roller guideways are now standard features.

Four connectors squeeze into tight spaces

The slant-bed lathe is supplied

as standard with a six-inch hydraulic three-jaw chuck, parts catcher, swarf conveyor and vouchers for MacInnes coolant and lubricants, plus £500-worth of Dormer Pramet tooling. There will also be the chance

to see the versatile Hurco VM10i machining centre with a working volume of 660 x 406 x 508mm. It fits into a compact space, yet visitors will see its ability to off er true machining centre performance. Steel cutting demonstrations will take place throughout the show.

Visit Hurco at stand G200

Partnerships expand PLC hardware off ering

Higher level box builds, power boxes and PLC controllers will be highlighted by Industrial Electronic Wiring. Building relationships with software developers in the PLC industry has enabled the company to provide a total solution for PLC hardware and integration. For over 40 years, the company

has provided sub-contract electronics manufacturing services, serving a wide range of clients including some of industry’s leading blue chip companies. Services include manufacture of cable assemblies, looms, PCB assemblies, panel and box build, cabinet build and electromechanical assemblies. Production is in a modern Lean environment supporting prototype, batch or Kanban requirements.

Four connectors have been added to the IEC Lock range. The patented locking mechanism for IEC Connectors is designed to provide protection against accidental disconnection of computer equipment, servers and most network devices. The new moulded angled

connectors are smaller versions of the existing C13 IEC Lock+ that can fit into tight spaces. There is a left-angled, right-angled, up-angled and down-angled model, each with a two-part handle located at the front of the connector to minimise the overall length, with the added benefit that the handle can be removed where space is limited. All four connector types share the same interface and locking mechanism components. Two new angled rewireable

connectors, a right-angled connector and a down-angled connector have also been added, again as a result of increasing

customer demand for a smaller version of the existing rewireable C13 IEC Lock+. A two-part handle is located at the front of the connector to minimise the overall length of the connector, They both share the same interface and locking mechanism components. The outer housings can be mounted in either orientation, which means the right- angled connector can be converted to a left angle and the down-angled connector can be converted to an up angle.

Visit IEC Lock at stand B150

Protect IP assets

Accredited to ISO 9001:2015, there is automatic testing equipment and over 50 skilled and experienced staff certified to IPC 610 and 620. Long term partnerships with

customers and the ability to off er a flexible service to meet ever changing needs in the industrial, medical, scientific, rail, sound and stage and power sectors are sources of pride.

Visit Industrial Electronic Wiring at

stand P90

Development boards are for low power displays

Claimed to be low-cost and simple- to-use, a family of add-on boards from Ineltek is designed for the Microchip Xplained Pro prototyping and evaluation platform to support the development of E Ink displays. Currently

available with 1.5-, 2.9-

and 5.7-inch displays, the boards make it easy to connect and develop using E Ink display technology in a Microchip Arm or AVR -based development environment. Low power E Ink displays retain the image even when the display is switched off . Support also includes software libraries, example projects, 2D and 3D CAD for the displays and

the PCB data for fast prototyping.

Visit Ineltek at stand L60

internationally Patent and trade mark attorneys and certified patent, trade mark and design litigators at Maucher Jenkins work with corporate companies, academic and research based organisations and their spin- out companies, providing a wide range of IP-related services. These cover protection, maintenance and enforcement of IP assets in medical technologies and devices, life sciences and chemistry, artificial intelligence (AI), mechanical and electrical engineering, physics, IT,

software and electronics. There is also large practice groups specialising in wireless and mobile communications, financial services, consumer products and media. UK off ices are in London, Farnham, Edinburgh and Cambridge and international off ices are in Munich, Freiburg, Basel, Beijing, Shenzhen and Nanjing.

Visit Maucher Jenkins at stand P100

Additive manufacturing has no limits

The traditional burdens of injection moulded parts are eliminated, says Industrial Plastic Fabrications, with the HP Multi-Jet Fusion 3D printer. HP Multi-Jet Fusion with IPF

provides production expertise and design guidance, complex geometries and optimised design, component consolidation for a streamlined production with assembly reduction and a faster development cycle or time-to-market The company has helped

clients through the design and manufacturing process using custom designs with improvements in function and aesthetics. Product value has been notably

increased using the versatility of processes including machining and fabrication, post processing, polishing, bead blasting, tumbling or dyeing which can all be done in-house. Established in 1969, the company specialises in plastic machining,


fabrication and 3D printing. Production is geared toward bespoke plastic parts, batch and prototype manufacturing. Services include high-speed five-axis routing and milling, specialist and production 3D printing, turning, laser cutting and engraving, diff usion bonding and laser welding for microfluidics and manifolds.

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stand H140

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