Duo takes centre stage for cleaning large and small parts

Specialising in the design and manufacture of aqueous cleaning and degreasing systems for metal and plastic engineering components, MecWash Systems provides laboratory analysis of components, developing specialist detergents and manufacture of standard or purpose-built washing machines. Machines are used in the

aerospace, automotive, defence, medical and general engineering industries to clean metal and plastic engineering components, used by engineers around the world, including Rolls-Royce, UTC Aerospace Systems, Delphi, Perkins, JCB and Eaton. The company will be exhibiting

its Duo system, part of its range of aqueous cleaning machines. The versatile cleaning system suits both large components and

dense baskets of small parts. It off ers flood/ immersion washing; providing higher

standards of cleaning by full solution contact with all component surfaces, and a re- circulating heated spray rinse,

which provides higher standards of surface finish by

removing detergent residues left by the wash solution. The cleaning system off ers precision cleaning with a footprint suitable for a cell, says the company.

In addition to demonstrating the

Duo component cleaning system, the company will also highlight cleaning expertise and capability for undertaking laboratory analysis of component cleaning issues as well

Penetrants protect from stress

To help engineers, technicians and mechanics know when parts have reached the end of their useful life, Magnaflux provides non-destructive testing (NDT). Its products are used to help develop safer parts for cars, make sure that, even after hundreds of take-off s and landings, an aeroplane is safe and to test the steel used in the tallest buildings. It will showcase its range of liquid

penetrant inspection (LPI) and magnetic particle inspection (MPI) solutions for non-destructive testing. The LPI range includes fluorescent and visible penetrants, cleaners, emulsifiers, developers, penetrant inspection equipment and penetrant rinse water treatment units. The MPI range includes fluorescent and visible magnetic particles, contrast paints, water bath additives, cleaners, test benches, mobile test units, demagnetisation units, magnetic yokes and UV lights. Highlights include the new Y-2,

AC electromagnetic yoke that creates strong magnetic fields for the detection of surface indications

as the ability to develop specialist detergents for customers. The company believes it is one of the only aqueous parts cleaning and degreasing system manufacturers to off er such a dedicated in-house service and solution.

Visit MecWash Systems at stand J230

Precision parts from prototypes to thousands

Norfolk-based Machined Precision Components will show a range of precision parts for pressure sensors, electro optics, electronics and automation, showing its capabilities to produce highly complex parts to tight tolerances in a range of materials, such as aluminium, plastics, stainless steels, titanium and hastelloy. Parts can be supplied with a variety

of finishes, including anodising, chromate conversion and bead blasting. Quantities from one-off s and prototypes, up to thousands, can be accommodated.

The company prides itself on

accuracy, quality and delivering parts on time, at reasonable cost.

Visit Machined Precision Components at

stand L195 groups/2500035/

Machining highlights graphite components

during magnetic particle testing. It is lightweight with an ergonomic grip and trigger for field inspection and to improve inspector productivity through a lightweight, ergonomic design. Also featured will be a new

range of water-based fluorescent penetrants, used for finding cracks and flaws in castings, forgings, extrusions and other materials with rough surfaces. They are water- based and contain no petroleum distillates, which (depending on local regulations) may allow its rinse water to be disposed of directly into the sewage system.

Visit Magnaflux at stand L130

Colour is now an easier option

A third stream to its flexible foam metering machines has been added by Mewett Polyurethane. This allows for faster and more versatile colour changes, as the colourant is blended directly into the mixing chamber. It enables the inclusion of TCPP fire retardant additive, catalyst and other polyurethane cross linkers, for more flexibility and control to adjust the foam properties. The feeding units are integrated

directly into each machine, with precise and independently controlled gear type metering pump, driven by an asynchronous motor with

Examples of EDM graphite electrodes and CFC fixturing and CFC materials, together with other graphite components will be exhibited by Mersen. It produces EDM electrodes in a range of materials’ specifications for roughing, semi-finishing and fine finishing applications dependent upon the material to be eroded, rate of material removal and the surface finish and complexity of the parts to be produced. Cut-to-size blanks can be supplied on next-day delivery. A wide range of CFC raw materials

can be supplied for use in vacuum furnaces or other heat treatment applications where strength and low thermal mass are required. Complex furnace grids can be designed and supplied to customer specifications or in-house using CAD modelling and FMEA. Furnace cake stands and fixturing in either CFC or graphite can be supplied to customer drawings or designed to meet customer

Metal bodied, rugged DC blowers will be a show highlight at Micronel. The new U100HL range of 24V DC 200W eff icient brushless DC motor uses only 10% of the power of larger and bulkier side channel blowers which typically use over 2kW and have lower running costs when compared to costly compressed air. The aluminium housing complies

specifications. Where graphite pick up is a potential problem, coated graphite can also be supplied. Other examples of machined

components and materials will be on show to demonstrate the machining capabilities and the wide range of industries served, including aerospace, refractory, mechanical, nuclear and semiconductor applications.

Visit Mersen at stand A205

Custom covers are used in wind turbines

Producing vacuum-formed plastic components and specialising in custom covers and enclosures for a wide variety of markets from medical appliances to wind turbine covers, MHP off ers toolmaking, CAD/CAM, reverse

continuous recycle through the mixing-head injector.

Visit Mewett Polyurethane at stand C205

engineering, 3D printing and injection moulding services.

The company has been trading for over 45 years and

Visit Micronel UK at stand F145


is ISO 9001-2015-accredited. Visit MHP at

stand A190

with protection class IP67 with connected suction and discharge ports. The motor has an integrated electronic driver, M16 connector and has G¾ inch pipe threads for 32mm hose connection. Additional electronic features include FG frequency (tacho) signal output, on/off control by logic signal SP (set speed), locked rotor protection (1min), ESD protection 16kV and NTC temperature sensor outputs from the motor. A range of accessories including air knives, adapters, filters and cables is also available. The motor can generate over

120mBar (12,000 pascals) of pressure and achieve free blowing air flow over 900 litres/minute (54m3

/hour) from a

compact package of 107 x 107 x 118mm. The company specialises in high performance blowers and fans, for medical, electronics cooling, personal protection, packaging, gas analysis, laboratory, transportation, process control and other applications. It off ers a choice of standard slim fans, axial fans and high performance, high pressure radial blowers from UK stock and provides technical design support for modified products and client specific designs.

Industrial blower saves space and energy

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