Air supply is controlled in the cloud

The latest technology for energy saving in compressed air will be demonstrated by Rowse and its range of intelligent energy eff iciency modules. The Festo MSE6 range of energy

eff iciency modules continually measure, monitor and control the air supply in compressed air in a system. The intelligent service unit ensures compressed air is supplied according to the needs of the system and also helps detect if a leak develops. Providing compressed air only when needed, the energy eff iciency module can save up to 20% of the current energy demand in machines. During production downtime,

the compressed air supply to a machine is shut off , preventing any air escaping through leakages

on the

machine. There is also an option for the module

to be manually operated for switching

the air supply on or off . For complex systems, the energy modules can have the automatic standby deactivated by a PLC signal. The data from the modules

is also available in the cloud through the IoT module. The cloud dashboard can be accessed from a PC, tablet or phone to see historical trending data.

Visit Rowse at stand N235

Connector selection includes waterproof versions

Connectors and cable assemblies including circular connectors, BGA sockets and adapters, waterproof connectors, custom connectors and cable assemblies will be exhibited by Selwyn Electronics, with a particular feature on waterproof connectors. The Micro series of circular

connectors has been increased to include smaller diameter bodies and an IP67 rating. With a current rating up to 10A for the mixed contact version, and 2A for the standard contact version, they off er a low cost, robust connection for a wide variety of applications when small size and water sealing is required. The UK distributor for ODU

Connectors will be showing the complete range of metal and plastic circular connectors, Mac modular rectangular connectors and the latest hermetically-sealed and high voltage products. Anyone searching for a connector

should not discount a custom solution. The company has provided many over the past 33 years.

It also off ers a custom cable

assembly manufacturing service, with factories in both the UK and China. It claims to off er the perfect manufacturing facility for every style or volume of assemblies required. ISO9001 certification and thorough testing and inspection at both factories assures reliable assemblies every time. Design assistance and drawings can be provided, when required. Customer service and support

includes stockholding, custom labelling, custom packaging and a reliable supply.

Visit Selwyn Electronics at stand E70

PCB service off ers prototype service

The comprehensive PCB

manufacturing service off ered by Shenzhen X-Mulong Circuit brings all the benefits of dealing with a high quality Chinese PCB manufacturer, but dealing directly with a UK-based company.


manufacturing service

includes a wide range of

materials and options, including technology from one to 16 layers, rigid, flexible or metal-based boards. There is also UK-based technical assistance available. In addition to competitive pricing

there are fast turn-around and production services including prototyping, a UK-based buff er stock facility, UK credit terms and certification to ISO/UL.

Visit Shenzhen X-Mulong Circuit at

stand F90 For over 30 years, the company

has engineered a wide range of the most robust dotpeen, scribe and laser marking machines. There is a machine for every application and budget, says the company, whether column-mounted, integrated or completely portable. The company has developed

innovative, permanent marking solutions and automated identification for the complete traceability of industrial components. The UK team of dedicated sales and after-sales engineers is based in Warwick.

Visit SIC Marking at stand C135

3D printing is based on injection moulding skills

Expertise in injection moulding is at the heart of the 3D Printing Bureau service from Rutland Plastics. Every 3D printing enquiry comes

directly into the engineering design department where it undergoes an appraisal by a member of the design team. An example is the end of arm

tooling (EOAT) and gripper system (pictured) which features intricate, slim and complex parts printed with integrated functions such as air channels, hinges, wire runs and mounts for sensors. 3D prints were designed and built by the company using the Stratasys Fortus 380CF and engineering-grade thermoplastic FDM Nylon 12CF (carbon fibre). The company prints its own EOAT, jigs and fixtures for use in its factory,

built to endure a rugged production environment. EOAT printed in Nylon 12 CF can

be up to 70% lighter than aluminium, significantly reducing the payload burden, improving robot speed, motor eff iciency and consequently extending the time between preventive maintenance intervals.

Visit Rutland Plastics at stand G275

All tyres, great and small

It’s been a year of extremes for RVL. Its electronic design engineers and assembly technicians have been involved with some interesting projects, from a tyre pressure monitoring system inside some of the biggest tyres in the world, to one of its smallest boards yet, which is now inside a miniature railway carriage. Another project demonstrated

at this year’s stand is a hardware and embedded software design collaboration to reduce the environmental impact of the shipping industry.

Making marking portable

The portable eMark cordless Dotpeen marking system will be exhibited by SIC Marking, along with the L-Box Easy 20W laser system and the integrateable eSmart.

It is also resistant to chemicals and identifiable by x-ray and metal detector scanning equipment. It is blue, to aid visual detection and is easy to machine. The company’s range of x-ray and

This year has also seen assembly

technicians retain their IPC-A-610 certificates, whilst the company has successfully retained ISO9001:2015 accreditation.

Visit RVL at stand G100

metal detectable PTFE products have been specially formulated to be quickly and easily found with conventional detection equipment and can be used for sealing elements, scrapers, nozzles, supporting plates, guides and conveying elements in food and pharmaceutical production lines.

Visit Röchling Engineering Plastics at

stand H190

Rubber mouldings span prototype to mass production

Injection and compression mouldings are manufactured in a wide range of rubber compounds such as EPDM, neoprene, silicone and Viton, by SRM Industries. The company says it produces seals, gaiters and membranes for industries from construction to cosmetics, petrochemical to power generation, marine to medical and all points in between. The ever-increasing range

of Maplan and Yizumi injection moulding machines, from 27T to 400T, allow flexibility to manufacture from prototypes up to high-volume, mass-produced items. The highly skilled workforce

provides high-quality finished products to exact specifications, working closely with clients from the initial enquiry stage - using the in-house design, technical and

tool making capability - through to sample approval, manufacture and after-sales. The range of suppliers and internal production and quality teams find the best raw materials and processes at all times, says the company. Ancillary services include

die-cutting, gasket manufacture, kitting, packing and assembly. The precision engineering and tool making facility has the latest CNC lathes and vertical machining centres with CAD/CAM capability. With 40 years’ experience,

the company has built lasting relationships and gained accreditations for work in the nuclear, medical, fire safety and aviation security sectors. It is ISO9001:2015-certified.

Visit SRM Industries at stand J155

PTFE resists in high and low temperatures

The latest in the range of x-ray and metal detectable PTFE products by Röchling Engineering Plastics is Fibracon Detecaflon. It has a low friction co-eff icient, is corrosion- resistant, non-stick and easy to clean. It exhibits resistance in low and high temperatures, from -200 to +250°C. groups/2500035/


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