EV charge points take the smart route

Electric vehicle (EV) and vehicle-to- grid charge point solutions will be showcased by ByteSnap Design, which specialises in embedded systems development. Its smart communications charge point controller and dumb charger meet the government’s EV charging regulations whereby charge points must be “smart” to be eligible for an OLEV (Off ice for Low Emission Vehicles) grant, explains director, Dunstan Power. “This means charge points must be controllable to help

load balance the electricity supply network and prevent overload and permanent damage,” he says. “Our robust new products will help manufacturers and installers eff ectively develop competitive charge points whilst meeting customer demand. They’ll also work well within the existing power infrastructure,” he adds. There will also be a 1.8m-tall traff ic

sign running on the company’s OpenGL framework, SnapUI, at the show. The demo will drive the sign’s

3D printer uses dozens of materials

The Figure-4 3D printer will be demonstrated with eight new materials, by CDG 3D Systems. The company sells and supports the printer in the UK. The fast, high-resolution DLP 3D

printer uses a nano-micro film for virtual continuous printing in a dozen diff erent materials, covering many of the key prototyping and production applications including strong, flexible and textured black plastics, black

rubber, bio-compatible white and amber, high temperature amber (300°C) and eggshell moulding resin used for silicone parts.

Visit CDG 3D Systems at stand N220

Design consultation supports timber packaging

Packaging and storage solutions for export and logistics are designed, manufactured and supplied by Chilfen Timber Packaging. It represents and partners with a wide array of businesses and industries, including automotive and engineering companies, machinery and equipment manufacturers, relocation and storage companies, metal wholesalers, exhibition and display providers, aerospace and defence equipment manufacturers and export packers and packaging companies. Timber packaging products

available include plywood and softwood cases, softwood timber cases and crates, metal-edged

plywood cases, reusable and exhibition cases, relocations cases, warehouse containers, instrument boxes, export liftvans and bespoke, shock and engine pallets. The company’s design consultation

service, manufacturing abilities and complete transport and delivery services mean it can provide tailored designs and cost-eff ective solutions.

Visit Chilfen Timber Packaging at

stand B265 Power management

joins component design Specialising in the design-in and distribution of active and passive electronic components and

partners, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IoT, M2M, embedded system-on-modules, smart sensors and displays. At this year’s show there

will be extra focus on the wide range of power management solutions ranging from discrete components, DC/DC modules to both open and enclosed AC/DC power supplies. Technical experts are looking

forward to meeting visitors on the stand to discuss project requirements.

interconnect systems, Codico, off ers a wide range of components and technologies from franchised

Visit Codico at stand E95

Enclosures in all sizes At this year’s show, Camden Boss says it will be exhibiting the widest range of enclosures anywhere, from small electronics enclosures to PoS kiosks. Sales and design teams will

bank of 160x64 LEDs, showing how the user interface can be used for prototyping and production.

Visit ByteSnap Design at stand E30

Looking for competitive costs, reliable supply and quality manufacture? CEL Group believes its “unrivalled off shore advantage” delivers a cost- competitive seamless outsourcing experience, with flexible service levels designed to make it easy for OEMs to get profitable results. The UK-based manufacturing

supply chain partner has distilled nearly 20 years of off shore sub- contract manufacturing into its approach to manufacturing in China. Its UK sales team will be discussing

today’s manufacturing challenges and showing the significant diff erence it makes to customer

be on hand to discuss design, prototype and manufacturing requirements, for moulded and fabricated solutions, from concept to production. The latest moulded NPI and mobile/

static ESD production storage models will also be exhibited. Smartboxx will be highlighting case studies, all manufactured with a ‘no tooling’ process, along with the Core range which includes standard plastic and die cast casings and a huge range of electro- mechanical components.

Visit Camden Boss at stand G310

Talk about the off shore advantage

performance across healthcare and medical equipment, HVAC, industrial, leisure, lighting and point of sale sectors, whether they are in the product design stage or already in production. Customers only

pay for the service level they need, and all work is managed from the UK HQ, in Telford, Shropshire. Quality manufacture takes place in facilities in Ningbo and Shenzhen, or via audited partners. On-time delivery is assured with

Demystifying asset fi nance

Asset finance is an alternative form of finance used by businesses to obtain the equipment they need to grow. Close Brothers Asset Finance

off ers many options. Hire purchase (HP) allows the customer to buy the equipment on credit. The finance company purchases the asset on behalf of the customer and owns the asset until the final instalment is paid, at which point the customer is given the option to buy it. Refinancing (capital release)

is where the finance company purchases the asset and finances it back to the client. Repayments are calculated in line with the income stream that will be generated by the asset. At the end of the refinance term, the client owns the asset. Finance lease is where the full

value of the equipment is repaid to the finance company, plus interest, over the lease period. Finally, there is operating lease,

which allows a client to rent the asset

for as long as it is needed. Asset finance makes the

unaff ordable aff ordable because it gives businesses access to the machinery and equipment they need without incurring the cash flow disadvantage of an outright purchase.

Visit Close Brothers Asset Finance at

stand E255

Explore new uses for RF connectors

Black, non-reflective RF connectors, are suited to use in military, avionics, and nautical applications but there are many other potential uses, says Coax Connectors, such as in studios where light reflection on equipment could be undesirable. The company is increasing its range of black non-reflective RF

connectors, including this black, non- reflective TNC right-angle plug to jack adapter (pictured).

Visit Coax Connectors at stand B75

comprehensive logistics and UK warehousing services. Manufacturing capabilities include

precision sheet metal work and fabrication, CNC machining, tubular fabrication, plastic injection moulding and casting. Services include engineering input, full logistics management, UK stockholding and delivery direct to production lines or distribution centres.

Visit CEL Group at stand G235

Component wholesale extends to

the UK As a wholesaler of electronic components and parts, CPH Electronics deals with customers Europe-wide. Established in 1975, it has expanded with a new branch opening in the UK in 2017. Today the company supplies

over 2,000 diff erent products. With over 40 years of experience in the electronic components market, it provides end-to-end service and a supply chain to customers, ranging from small businesses to large manufacturers. Products always meet global technical standards and fulfil specific customer specifications. The company believes it has

to invest in customers’ needs and understand their projects to be able to supply them with the right products.

Visit CPH Electronics at stand N80


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