Mesh innovates with combination design

On show for the first time in the UK will be the latest development in precision woven wire meshes by Swiss specialists Bopp, represented in the UK by G Bopp. Compomesh combines specially

selected steel wire filter meshes with a randomly oriented non-woven layer, providing an innovative, high performance filter medium capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 600ºC. It combines the advantages of a

non-woven metal fibre mesh with those of a woven wire mesh in one single filter medium, says the company. The metal fibre mesh on the upstream side guarantees significant dirt holding capacities whilst preventing mesh blockages on the downstream side. This woven mesh/non-woven

combination can increase filter life by a factor of five when compared with single layer meshes. In addition, the non-woven element separates out the smallest particles; filter finesses of x50=0.2µm and finer can be achieved, the company adds. The flexible mesh complies with the highest standards of cleanliness

according to ISO 16232 and VDA Band 19. Also on show will be examples

from the AM range of steel meshes developed specifically for high performance applications in the field of acoustics. Manufactured exclusively from the highest grade stainless steel, these meshes achieve exact retention of specific acoustic impedance across the entire surface area of the mesh. Off ering acoustic transparency up

to 1000 MKS Rayl, with guaranteed reproducibility and high levels of temperature resistance (AISI 304/316), they are claimed to off er unrivalled protection against dust particles, moisture, physical, thermal and chemical impact.

Visit G Bopp at stand N260


marking laser adds value

The latest addition to the Boxford laser range is the BFM110 fibre marking laser. Capable of permanently marking and engraving a wide range of metals, coated metals and some non-metals, it is a compact, but extremely powerful benchtop machine, enabling users to produce industry standard surface marking and engraving. From high definition logos and photographs, to bar codes, QR codes, date stamps and sequential serial numbers, the fibre laser technology can turn a standard product in to a branded and traceable product. For metal cutting, Boxford also

supplies a range of compact fibre metal cutting lasers, capable of cutting 0.5 to 12mm thick mild steel, as well as various thicknesses of stainless steel, brass, aluminium and copper. Releases add to the IoT

Electronic components, modules and antennae which are used in a diverse range of applications are available from Broadband Technology 2000 (BT2000). Established in 1995 and based

in Berkshire, the company is ideally located to service both the logistical and technical needs of an international customer base. It specialises in four key areas, sensors; power; wireless, Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M, and semiconductors. Latest releases include

Sensaggio’s absolute pressure

sensors (0 to 46bar), Aceinna’s current sensors, flow and diff erential pressure sensor and inertial systems (pictured), HQ performance-critical antennae (27MHz to 6GHz) and portable RF telecomms scanners/ interference locating system/5G NR, Tetra and P25 testing from PCTEL. There will also be antennae, cables, connectors and SIM card holders from Adactus, GNSS/GPS receivers from Lantronix, thermal acceleration and AMR magnetometer ICs from MEMSIC, MEMS motion, Vinatech’s supercapacitors and carbon solutions for fuel cells, ASICs,

DisplayPort ICs and

HD PLCs from Megachip, digital filters, audio and video,

communications and speciality ICs from MSI and crystal resonators and oscillators from KDS Daishinku. Visitors to the stand will also have

the chance to win some amazing prizes, says the company.

Visit Broadband Technology 2000 at

stand P60 Labels identify electronics and electrics

Wire identification, labelling materials and tools for wire and cable marking in the electrical, electronic and telecommunication markets, high performance identification products, labels and signs that remain legible and highly adhesive even in harsh environments will be displayed by Brady. The company off ers a complete

traceability solution that can connect every circuit board in production to a smart factory set-up. Circuit boards can generate data and send it to a manufacturing execution system, to other machines and production

cycles, or to the supply chain both up and downstream. For immediate insight into complex

panels, reliable, aesthetically pleasing and crisply printed electrical panel labels are available for cable, product and safety identification. They eff iciently meet any customer requirement for panel identification with 5,000+ labels. They are designed and tested for exposure to UV, humidity, moisture, gas and other elements and are available in various sizes, colours and profiles. Every label can be printed at the location with just a few label rolls and a suitable

Visit Boxford at stand L110

Storage is versatile to tailor a workplace

Workplace storage equipment manufacturer, Bott, will be showcasing a selection of products from its heavy-duty cubio range. The strong, durable and reliable

products can be combined to create tailored and versatile working solutions which can be seamlessly expanded as business needs change. The range also integrates with the company’s wide range of CNC and tool storage options, incorporating Lean, 5S and Six Sigma initiatives, promoting eff iciency and productivity in the workplace. As part of its service, the company

off ers free site visits to anywhere in the UK. By understanding a customer’s particular requirements, the project sales team can advise on

the optimal solution and create full 3D visuals of the proposal. The team can create custom-made solutions tailored specifically to a business’ needs, using its own manufacturing plant in the UK. Installations are scheduled to suit

the customer and trained engineers will meet the delivery and handle every part of the build. Project engineers will be at the stand to answer any workplace storage enquiries.

Visit Bott at stand G180 Investment enhances

in-house manufacture By updating the factory and buying new machinery, constantly evolving and learning new skills, Bowyer Engineering has a team of skilled engineers with decades of experience in both development and production. The company has invested over £1m in the last year in its machine shop, complete with the latest five-axis machining centres and CNC lathes to allow in-house manufacture to reduce costs for customers. The company has been in

business over 70 years and is still owned by the same family. On the stand will be

examples of components it has manufactured. It machines one-off and small

to medium quantities of precision and complex components in a range of materials from plastics to high temperature alloys including Inconel, titanium and super Duplex. It also manufactures and

repairs instrumentation for gas turbine development and test programmes, both aero engine and power generation units. High temperature alloy metalwork, aerothermal rig installation and traverse systems for radial and yaw probes in gas turbine test rigs can also be manufactured and supplied. There will also be examples of eddy current and ultrasonic surface inspection kits and probes and platinum/ rhodium reflectors for pyrometer sight tubes.

Visit Bowyer Engineering at stand C265

A clean sweep for magnet particles

Magnetic separators, metal detectors, magnets, magnetic assemblies and magnetising equipment are manufactured at Bunting’s facilities in Redditch and Berkhamsted. Magnetic Sweepers, which use

label printer, says the company.

Visit Brady at stand E120

magnetic forces to lift and hold magnetically susceptible particles such as swarf, nails and screws are available as small handheld models for worktops (pictured), push- along versions to clean factory and warehouse floors and larger fork-lift mounted designs to clean larger areas, loading bays, car parks and even airport landing strips. Magnetic chucks are used to

clamp and secure metal components during machining and milling. They are available with two magnetic pole


pitches and are available in a wide range of sizes and have a holding force of 100N/M. For metalworking facilities,

factories and warehouses, permanent magnetic lifters provide a safe method of lifting and moving ferrous metal components and sheets. The MagLift range is designed to lift 50kg (ML-275), 100kg (ML-550) and 200kg (ML-1100).

Visit Bunting at stand B270

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