Live machining will use 3D printed fi xtures

Exclusively for Southern Manufacturing 2020, Matsuura Machinery will exhibit the single table five-axis MX-520 CNC machine tool and HP Multi-Jet Fusion 580 3D printer. The company will be machining

live on the MX-520 using fixtures and work-holding printed on the HP Multi-Jet Fusion 4200 3D printer, to demonstrate the hybrid additive and subtractive production strategies now available to UK manufacturers. Visitors can also see live 3D

colour printing on the HP Jet Fusion 580 and discuss its capabilities with a team of 3D experts. As the sole machine tool reseller of HP Multi-Jet Fusion 3D printers in the UK, applications experience will

Four-centre EMS partner focuses on industrial electronics

be demonstrated through a variety of real-world customer parts on display, highlighting the advantages of 3D printing in the manufacturing process.

Visit Matsuura Machinery at stand E260

Conductive foam shows its colours

Conductive foam, comprised of low-density PET and polyurethane foam, which is copper and nickel coated throughout, give x, y and z axis low resistance electrical conductivity for excellent EMI shielding performance when used as an EMI gasket, says Kemtron. The low compression sheet gasket

material is suitable for die cutting to bespoke shapes or slitting for gasket applications such as I/O panels, backplanes, connectors and access panels. It is available in thicknesses of 1.5, 2.3 and 3.4mm and rolls up to 560mm wide with or without conductive transfer adhesive. It has volume resistivity of 0.013Ω-cm and can give a shielding performance of up to 80db at 100MHz and 103db at 1GHz at a recommended compression of 30%. It is UL94V-1 flame retardant and suitable for where low compression is required. It will not provide an environmental seal but will limit dust ingress. The company will also be showing

its flame retardant nickel graphite conductive elastomer. Tested and approved to the international standard UL94V-0 by Underwriters Laboratories for flame retardancy, E344902. The SNG-FR material is a nickel-

Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) partner, JJS Manufacturing, specialises in end-to-end procurement, manufacture and supply chain solutions. It has four sites across the UK and Czech Republic and delivers a range of assembly services including printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), box build, cables and wiring looms, cabinet build and electromechanical assembly. It has been ranked as one of the

largest UK EMS providers with over 35 years’ experience, 420 staff across the group and a turnover in excess of £43m. The company says it is ideally positioned to support original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with a complete outsourced solution. It specifically focuses on industrial

electronics and has demonstrable experience in building and shipping complex electronic and electromechanical products within industrial automation, process

control, test and measurement and scientific sectors. The company says it focuses on complexity and ensuring customers receive enough ‘value add’ in order to deliver tangible results to an outsourcing strategy. In addition to extensive assembly

services, the company off ers design for procurement/manufacture and test along with configure-to-order and direct shipment options. Visitors who have outgrown an

existing supplier or are looking to outsource part, or all of a manufacturing operation for the very first time, and would like further support or advice, can access resources (e-books and technical papers) via the company or pick up a hard copy from a selection available during the show.

Visit JJS Manufacturing at stand J60

Oil-free pumps can be customised to testing conditions and

Diaphragm pumps and systems for liquids and gases, from OEM vacuum pumps and air compressors to liquid/metering/ dosing pumps are available from KNF Neuberger UK. Pumps are 100% oil-free off ering quiet, reliable and eff icient transfer of air, gases and liquids. Standard pumps can easily be

coated graphite loaded into silicone elastomers. The gasket provides a highly electrically conductive path between mating flanges of an electronics equipment enclosure giving a high level of RFI/EMI shielding. The material can be supplied as an extruded strip in various profiles, O rings or flat die cut gaskets. Electrically conductive pressure sensitive adhesive can be applied to flat gaskets to aid assembly.

Visit Kemtron at stand J150

Investment speeds effi cient assemblies

Cable distributor and cable assembly producer, K Lacey supplies high performance and custom electrical cable for a multitude of markets including aerospace, defence and the oil and gas industry. It also provides sleeving,

markers and associated products with full print capability and has a bespoke cable assembly on-site production facility. The company employs IPC- trained operators and is AS9100,

completed cable order. Significant investment has been

AS9120 and ISO9001-approved, BAE and Joscar-certified. It off ers a full service solution, managing the entire process from component supply, through to inventory management, assembly and delivery of the

made in cutting-edge machinery such as the Schleuniger MS9480M cut and strip machine, a Rotary Strip 2400 strip and twist machine, JST crimping machines and an MK Test System D1500 for high voltage testing, for fast, eff icient processing of wire and cable assemblies.

Visit K Lacey at stand G95

modified to suit a wide range of customer-specific applications. The company works closely with customers to design customised project pumps, from configuration

packaging, tailored to a project’s needs.

Applications range

from medical equipment and instruments, to

environmental engineering and analytics, printing equipment and new

technologies such as fuel cells. A dedicated team of experienced

technical pump engineers is available at the facilities in Witney, Oxfordshire, where sales, full services capabilities, local stock,

system builds and technical support are provided.

Visit KNF Neuberger UK at stand B205

Workstation to suit any environment groups/2500035/

Ergonomic production lines will be the focus for Kanya UK as it demonstrates an interlinked workplace bench, with electric height adjustment. It will be a typical example of an ergonomic workstation, which is custom- designed and manufactured to suit an application and environment. The workbench features a roller conveyor system, suitable for packing and assembly lines. The demonstration model contains a separate parts trolley to hold storage bins which neatly sits within the workbench but is on casters to use around the factory. There is also task lighting and electric height adjustment for sit/stand working. The workbench will be populated

with accessories to provide more space-saving solutions and create maximum eff iciency. It can be combined with a monitor arm to mount a flat screen, document holders to display important information, keyboard trays and

laptop holders and even tablet mounts. The specialist in ergonomic

furniture design provides a free consultation and design service. It will consider the needs of staff , the techniques, tools and the equipment they are using to undertake each task so that their workspace avoids repetitive strain injuries, neck pains, backaches, blurry vision and poor posture, as well as improving eff iciencies.

Visit Kanya at stand K200


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