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Patrick McCloud, CEO/Managing Director, Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC Patrick McCloud joined the Chevron Corporation in 2006, moving from the positions of Regional Marketing Co-ordinator for the Americas to Business Support Manager for the Global Lubricants Supply Chain and numerous other roles before being appointed CEO/MD of Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC in 2018.

Bryan Milton, Vice-President, President of Fuels, Lubricants and Specialities Marketing, ExxonMobil Bryan Milton joined Exxon Chemical in 1986, working in various engineering roles, working towards an appointment to operations manager and plant manager. Following the merger with Mobil in 1998, he continued in managerial roles, ultimately attaining his current position in 2018.

Patrick Vernon, ATIEL Executive Committee and Regional Technical Manager, ExxonMobil With positions in both one of the largest petrochemical country in the world and within ATIEL, Patrick Vernon is an experienced industrialist ideally situated to both influence and implement lubricants standards for the benefit of the whole lubricants industry.

Richard Halhead, Managing Director, FUCHS Lubricants (UK) PLC Richard Halhead has been with the company now trading as FUCHS for over 20 years. Now in the role of managing director, Richard Halhead remains committed to FUCHS’s mission of the manufacturing of high quality lubricant products, and spreading awareness of both environmental and manufacturing considerations in the development of new materials.

Christine Fuchs, Vice-President, President of Fuels, Global R&D, FUCHS Petrolub SE With more than 20 years’ experience in the lubricants sector, with focus on development and application

of new materials, Christine Fuchs was appointed Vice-President of R&D at FUCHS in 2018; in charge of developing new materials and testing and monitoring methods to help meet evolving requirements.


Lutz Lindemann, CTO, FUCHS Petrolub SE

Lutz Lindemann has held been Chief Technology Officer at FUCHS since 1998. Prior to this, he has held various positions including Project Manager at Roland Berger, Chairman of the Management Board at FUCHS, and Head of Product Management at DEA Mineralöl AG.

Stefan Fuchs, Chairman, FUCHS Petrolub SE

Stefan Fuchs joined Fuchs Petrolub AG in 1996, and has been Chairman of the Executive Board of Fuchs Petrolub SE since January 1, 2004. His responsibilities in this position include Corporate Group Development, Human Resources and Public Relations in the Americas.

Christian Hartmann, President, GEIR As President of GEIR, the European Re-refining Industry Section of UEIL, Christian Hartmann is a key player in the collection, disposal and where possible re-refining of used lubricant oils. GEIR maintains contact with European official bodies as well as with private and public organisations in order to properly deal with waste oils.

Mike Jones, CEO, Gulf Oil International

Having held various leadership roles in Castrol and its parent company BP, Mike Jones brings over 30 years’ worth of industry experience of growth development, acquisitions and marketing to his new role as CEO of Gulf Oil International.

Blake Eskew, Vice President, Global Consulting, IHS Markit With extensive knowledge and experience of energy market analysis, Blake Eskew joined IHS Markit almost ten years ago, offering insight into the midstream and downstream energy industries, with a particular focus on lubricants and base oils.

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