Thousands of flooring industry professionals from around the world will descend on the Hannover Exhibition Centre, from 10th DOMOTEX 2020.

-13th January, for

Growing health and environmental consciousness is sparking an increasing number of interior design projects based on environmentally- friendly floorcoverings and installation materials. Shining a light on all those qualities of flooring products that contribute to people’s wellbeing, the keynote theme for DOMOTEX 2020 has been announced as “ATMYSPHERE”. In-keeping with this theme, environmentally-friendly materials and manufacturing processes will be a key focus at next year’s event.

Showcasing products that promote wellness and possess environmentally- friendly qualities, exhibitors will include acoustic flooring; carpets that bind fine dust particles or have thermal insulation properties; resilient floorcoverings that are hypo-allergenic; and natural-wood floorboards that improve the interior climate by capturing excess humidity and releasing it again when the air in the room is dry.

Sonia Wedell-Castellano, Deutsche Messe’s Global Director DOMOTEX, said: “This year, as indeed in previous years, the lead theme is inspired by a current megatrend. And that trend is society’s heightened focus on health.

“Health is synonymous with quality of life and living well – and therefore translates into high expectations of the spaces around us. Alongside this, considerations of sustainability and recycling – and hence natural materials – continue to play a major role in our society. In terms of floorcoverings, these are considerations and themes that are currently very much to the fore with our exhibitors and their work, especially given the great importance of floors as elements of creative interior design. With the right materials and design, carpets and floorcoverings can be important factors in personal wellbeing and in the design of homes and workplaces that promote it. That is

08 | Tomorrow’s Retail Floors

why ATMYSPHERE is of such definitive importance for all our exhibitors and visitor target groups.”

Framing Trends

For the very first time, the popular Framing Trends showcase – the communicative and creative heart of the entire show – will occupy the whole of Hall 8. Framing Trends is where the “ATMYSPHERE” keynote theme takes physical form in an array of ingeniously inspired walkthrough presentations, creating a vibrant, electric atmosphere where thought-provoking discussions can take place and new cooperative ventures can emerge.


Also in Hall 8, the special exhibition WOOD.WORKS at DOMOTEX 2020 invites attendees to explore and discover the rich dimensions of wood. This natural material will be showcased as an essential interior design element, and one that provides a sense of comfort and wellbeing.

The exhibits will highlight the special properties of wood that help to enhance the quality of indoor environments through a range of applications: sound insulation, water resistance, new tactile sensations, and the antibacterial action of wood.

The WOOD.WORKS exhibits are designed to highlight wood as a vital element in creating a sense of wellbeing for indoor environments, fitting perfectly with the ATMYSPHERE theme.

The Key Details

The exhibition will take place from Friday 10th

- Monday 13th January

2020 in Hannover, Germany. Hannover Exhibition Centre will be open to visitors from 9am – 6pm on those days. Tickets for the event can be purchased here.

Credit: Deutsche Messe

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