The experts from Cormar talk you through the best carpet options for each area of a home, to ensure your customers are never disappointed.

Whether it’s a family lounge to sit back and relax in, a bedroom to get comfy and cosy, or a stairway to withstand traffic from the entire family, choosing the right floorcovering is a difficult but important decision to make.

At Cormar, we aim to make life easy for the end-user, which is why we divide our product offering into four main collections: Easy Clean Twist, Soft Deep Pile, Wool Twist and Wool Loop. Each collection is distinctively recognisable from the next, making the customer’s purchase decision an easier journey.

Living Rooms

Living rooms are one of the most used areas in the home, providing the perfect place to unwind, relax, recharge and enjoy precious time with family and friends. All Cormar carpets are suitable for use in a living room, whether homeowners are looking for a soft deep pile, a shorter twist pile, or a natural wool loop texture.

When it comes to carpets for living rooms, they should strike a balance between being practical and stylish. An extra deep pile carpet may feel cosy, but it can be difficult to vacuum, so customers who go for this style should always opt for a machine with variable height or with a beater bar and brush.

For busy families or for the entertainers amongst us, fears of spills and stains can be alleviated by opting for a carpet with a lengthy stain and wear guarantee. Primo Naturals is the latest addition to Cormar’s Easy Clean Twist collection and is ideal for high-traffic areas such as living rooms. Produced using a durable two-ply yarn, the range is both pet and family friendly and comes with the added assurance of a 10-year stain and wear guarantee.


As the most relaxing room in the home, a bedroom carpet should be chosen carefully so it turns the space into a sanctuary for sleep and relaxation. There’s no better feeling than climbing out of bed and onto a plush carpet. While soft deep pile carpets aren’t always practical in high-traffic areas, they are a firm favourite in a bedroom as they add an extra element of luxury and comfort.

If your customer is re-carpeting a child’s room, they may find opting for an Easy Clean Twist carpet to be the best course of action. This is because they are simple to maintain, while still feeling soft under a little one’s feet.

Of course, it is imperative to also recommend a quality new underlay to not only cushion the surface, but help prolong the life of the carpet.

Hallways & Stairs For landings and hallways that often see the most traffic, a

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hardwearing carpet that’s not going to be left with permanent footprint marks is a must. A Wool Loop or Wool Twist style is ideal as they provide resilience and have a subtle texture, whilst also providing the natural sound-absorbing benefits of a wool carpet.

High-traffic areas like hallways can be subjected to things like residue from dirty shoes on a daily basis. Consequently, we would advise on avoiding light-coloured carpets that are more likely to highlight any stains. A mid-tone flecked or patterned carpet like Cormar’s Boucle Neutrals Stripe or Natural Berber Twist is the perfect choice.

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