Beautiful wooden floors add natural warmth and comfort across the home. Steve Urw yet stylish solution for busy living spaces, and advises on how

The right choice of flooring can transform a house into a home. And there’s nothing quite like the beauty of a wooden floor. Its grain and texture enhance the natural warmth and comfort of any interior, from bedroom to living room, kitchen to hallway.

When thinking about interior design, homeowners need to take real life into consideration. One of the main benefits of having wooden flooring is that it suits any style of property – be it a rural bungalow or a contemporary townhouse, adding elegance to any room. Whilst wooden flooring is ideally suited for heavy footfall areas, such as hallways and living rooms, it accentuates the interior of bedrooms and office spaces too.

As homeowners seek to reconnect with nature using Biophilic design principles, wooden flooring can be used to create spaces that imitate nature, offering a plethora of benefits such as improved wellbeing, reduced stress and a creativity boost.

In addition to the many design benefits, it also has many practical features. Firstly, it maintains its performance properties whilst in use – with warranties extending to as much as 15 years. The ease of maintenance also ensures the floor will look stunning for years to come.

Dare to Be Different

An important principle of interior design is to unify spaces and create a consistent visual experience. Beautiful wooden floors, such as those made from oak, can offer homeowners fresh design inspiration. These floors have a timeless appeal, offering intricate design qualities, that can bring different spaces of a home together for a contemporary finish.

The structure of oak is well recognised as a perfect blend of modern and traditional.

And the different colourations of wooden floors deliver a stunning selection of shades suitable for any interior scheme.

For example, a lighter and crisper oak variation, blonde is always on trend. The paler, natural shading shows less contrast in the grain and matches well with lighter colour schemes for a more subtly styled room. In contrast, the dramatic, warm and luscious variations of brown oak ooze sophistication and a sense of heritage. It is perfect for combining with rich wall colours or for creating striking contrast in a more neutral interior.

Wood also offers more intricate design options, allowing homeowners to experiment with different combinations of colours and shapes.

Over thousands of years, decorative wood parquet floors have evolved with all manner of elaborate patterns and layouts. Herringbone is an example of this, and dates back to the ancient Romans, who used it when building their famously robust road networks.

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In order to understand individual, contemporary flooring layouts, parquet boards can be supplied in both left and right formats. It provides homeowners with the option of different combinations throughout their house, and they can experiment with the light so it catches the wood grain at different angles. As an example, a staggered ‘grand basket weave’ style can be used to great effect with different contrasts, tripling up the herringbone using three various shades, creating an intriguing woven look.

The Sustainable Choice

More than ever before, homeowners are taking the sustainability of the products they choose into consideration

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