Lisa Conway, Residential Marketing Manager at Brintons, focuses on the spike i particular popular

Brintons has been making luxury carpets for over 230 years and is known for unparalleled quality and stunning design. Whislt wooden floors have seemingly been centre stage in many homes in recent decades, here at Brintons we have seen a dramatic rise in sales in the last few years, particularly of patterned carpets. Fitted carpets are back, and back with gusto.

We’ve seen an increase in desire for cosy, maximalist patterns like florals. Town or country, period or modern, flowery designs look stunning anywhere and can be used to bring a colour scheme or theme together. Exceptionally hardwearing and versatile with a timeless aesthetic, they make the perfect recommendation for any room.

People are looking for warmth, comfort and luxury within their homes and, whilst wooden flooring and LVT is still popular, people are returning to carpet in the living areas of their home with the aim of making them feel cosy.

Carpet provides insulation, is soundproof and a quality wool-rich carpet will last for years. Consumers tend to be savvier with their purchases today and want something that will last. Brintons’ latest design collaborations with the likes

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of Timorous Beasties and Laura Ashley are pushing the boundaries of carpet design so there is more choice, and with this expansion of the range comes some absolutely beautiful floral options.

Thanks to the popularity of home inspiration platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, homeowners are becoming bolder in their choices and are fitting flooring options that may surprise retailers across the UK. We also believe this to be one of the reasons why sales of floral patterns have soared. Homeowners are using florals in various ways. One popular example of this is using one statement print to add wow- factor to a living space or bedroom and extracting an accent colour, usually a neutral, from the pattern to tie the rest of the room together. Pattern and colours can introduce energy and vibrancy to interiors. Make a statement with the flooring by choosing a bold carpet and keep the rest of an interior to a neutral scheme. The décor can simply pick out a few key highlights of the pattern so as not to detract from the stunning floor. Other clients are clashing different patterns together for a truly maximalist look.

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