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Based on industry feedback, it would be fair to say the average time to complete a measure, plan, calculate, cost and quote for an average residential job would be two - three hours on a good day, with little interruptions and praying nothing goes wrong. The same scenario can be applied to any size job, it does not matter if it is a small residential job or a large commercial project. To give you an idea of the time and resources you could save, let’s break it down for you:

Residential- Manual Process

• Sales process, taking time to understand the customers’ needs and wants: 15 - 60 minutes

• Product selection: 20 - 30 minutes

• Capture customer details in a manual form: 5 - 10 minutes

• Schedule measure appointment in a manual diary: 5 minutes

Are you losing money?

This is a great question to ask yourself every day. The profit and loss sheet may look great, but have you considered whether you may be leaking additional profit through hidden costs. Efficiency, waste, accuracy, organisation, communication and collaboration processes are major contributors to hidden costs within the flooring industry. For example, think about the actual time it takes to produce a quote for the average customer within your business. Consider how many steps are involved, and how many of your team are involved in the whole sales and installation process.

It is clear not everything is within our control. However, even the simple things add up to lost profit, which highlights how time-critical processes in your business can have hidden costs.

• Measure and plan using a tape measure and note pad: 10 - 40 minutes

• Plan, Estimate -Scale Pad: 20 - 60 minutes

• Cost using a calculator and xl spreadsheet: 10 -20 minutes

• Quote: 10 - 30 minutes

Based on the times for a manual process, it is clear it can take between an hour and a half to up to four hours to complete a fraction of the total sales and installation organisation process.

We recognise part of the process is sales and this can take time. However, if we highlight the process from capturing customer details, at this point we can demonstrate the hidden costs.

MeasureSquare - Process

• Capture customer details – Computer, Phone or Tablet based app

• Scheduling a measure appointment- Phone or Tablet based app

• Measure, Plan, Estimate and Quote, onsite 5 - 40 minutes

These are the benefits of technology.

Hidden costs removed, it now takes between just 10 and 40 minutes to complete the same process.

How much profit are you loosing every day? Just think, if you could remove travel time back to the store or even to and from the job, how much is that worth? Ask us how!

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