MeasureSquare UK Ltd strives to provide world-class measure estimating techno company; its products and services; strategic

At MeasureSquare Ltd, we understand key requirements for any size of flooring company looking to evolve its measuring, planning, estimating, communication and collaboration systems and processes to keep pace with consumer, social, technological and environmental migrations. This ensures flooring businesses maintain an edge in a competitive marketplace.

MeasureSquare UK appreciates that any new system will have implications covering sales, marketing, training, operations, communication, customer experience and data storage. For these reasons, our team of experts focus on implementation efficiency, drawing on over two decades of experience across all types and sizes of flooring companies across the globe, ensuring your business experiences minimal impact and maximum return on its investment.

MeasureSquare software suite provides a front-end industry specific solution designed to seamlessly integrate with existing business systems via the use of open application programming interfaces (APIs). Put simply, our system can integrate with your existing systems if required.

Proven Track-Record

Initially, Nigel Welsh, Managing Director of MeasureSquare UK Ltd and Laser Measure Australia Pty Ltd, gained his industry experience working with retail and commercial flooring businesses. He was quick to identify the shortcomings of manual estimation systems linked to paper-based diaries, which at the time was industry standard for most franchises, co-operatives and independent flooring businesses. With his previous business background specifically in the canvas goods manufacturing industry, providing goods for local and international defence organisations, he recognised how technology would improve efficiencies associated with selling and installing flooring.

With hidden costs being one of the key inhibitors to profit in the industry, MeasureSquare technology is proven to reduce hidden costs. Since 2005, Nigel Welsh and his team have implemented single-user licenses as well as solutions for national franchises and co-operatives in Australia, New Zealand UK, Hong Kong and Europe. Today, over 15,000 users trust MeasureSquare for their measuring and estimation work every day.

In 2017, Scott Bentley joined the team as Business Development Manager, working closely with Nigel to build on the company’s presence in the market, establishing a local office creating the local foundations for growth in the UK and European marketplace. Scott’s previous experience included selling floorcoverings in a retail environment and as a commercial estimator. Scott has a wealth of knowledge and is keen to make sure any business he and his team support make an exceptional ROI. Scott is currently studying for a business degree, specialising in change management, and is ready to share his knowledge with you.

Client Satisfaction

MeasureSquare ensures high levels of client satisfaction using many training and support methods, which include online one-on-one training, comprehensive video training assets, onsite group training and classroom-style training at MeasureSquare’s UK office.

Measure Square has a capacity, if required, to provide international software support via its US headquarters, with plans to add to an additional support pipeline providing effective offshore support from Laser Measure Australia’s Pty Ltd.’s Philippine support team.

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