Vinyl’s ability to accommodate a wider breadth of subfloor conditions, it’s important that we make sure our professionals understand the product’s limitations, as well as its many benefits. We’ve restructured our course to include Quick-Step Rigid Vinyl so they can confidently assess the site conditions, as well as understand the product’s technical capabilities.”


The Academy for Excellence in Flooring, home to the Quick-Step Master Installer programme, has expanded the content of its Master Installer Luxury Vinyl and Laminate courses to include Quick- Step’s new Rigid Vinyl floors.

Eliminating telegraphing through a rigid composite core integrated with flexible layers, Quick-Step Rigid Vinyl upholds LVT’s many benefits, while eliminating one of the product’s primary downfalls. With a soft feel, low indentation, high impact resistance, on top of being quiet


Havwoods Accessories has recently been named the UK’s exclusive supplier of the WOCA Master Lacquer System range, which includes a number of primers and quick-drying lacquers perfect for any scenario.

Whether it be a sports floor, a domestic floor or a high-traffic commercial area, you’ll find the exact lacquer you need within the range at Havwoods Accessories.

Gavin Whiley, Managing Director at Havwoods Accessories, said: “As one of the UK’s longest standing suppliers of WOCA products – importing for almost 20 years - we’re very excited about growing our partnership and are proud to be the UK’s only distributor of their Master Lacquer system. Our aim is to always provide a wide enough product range from the leading brand in the market to

30 | Tomorrow’s Retail Floors

underfoot and lightweight; Quick-Step Rigid Vinyl represents a ground-breaking new flooring solution.

Introducing correct installation of Rigid Vinyl into the Luxury Vinyl and Laminate Master Installer course sees the Academy for Excellence in Flooring provide the very latest skillset to fitting professionals attending the course.

Lee Thompson, Technical Manager at Academy for Excellence in Flooring, commented: “One of the major advantages of the Master Installer accreditation is the ability to provide customers with a workmanship warranty for the lifetime of the floor. With Rigid

suit the needs of our customers, and we truly believe that the WOCA range does just that!”

“We currently have seven key products from the range in stock, ready for next- day delivery, and the demand for them has been tremendous so far. The Master Lacquer Range is relatively new to the UK but has stormed the market since its introduction earlier this year due to its success in the EU and USA where it has already cemented its position as a serious contender for market leader. We’ve seen the amazing results that these products can deliver and so have full confidence in them and hope to help the brand grow here in the UK.

“We’re looking forward to seeing where the new year takes us and further developing and expanding our product range to continue meeting the needs of the market.”

WOCA Master Lacquers feature cross- linking technology that produces a

The Master Installer course trains professionals to the highest standard, covering everything from health and safety to correct subfloor preparation, adhesives, underlayments, layouts, installation, underfloor heating, staircases, accessories and maintenance. The two-day intensive pass or fail course is among the industry’s most comprehensive.

“With the addition of this revolutionary product, installers are equipped with a skillset in a rapidly-growing category. Generating improved consumer confidence thanks to an installation of the highest standard backed by a 33-year warranty, the Master Installer course is a great way to improve knowledge and boost revenue,” Lee concluded.

hardwearing surface. The Master RD-2K Lacquer and Master XP-2K Lacquer have been developed specifically to withstand hard wear and tear in high and constant traffic areas. If that wasn’t enough, the lacquers have also been tested against every imaginable type of everyday occurrence, such as spilt coffee, red wine, cola, detergents, oil and fat, giving you peace of mind that the floor you leave behind is protected.

Boasting numerous certifications, these products are proven to stand up against other lacquers in the market - the Master TS Sport Lacquer fully meets EN14904 sports tests and the full range holds the Danish Indoor Climate Label and is Nordic Swan and Green Dot Approved.

Give every wooden floor installation the flawless finish it deserves with the WOCA Master Lacquer Range, now exclusively available at Havwoods Accessories.

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