ADVECO TOTEM M-CHP A charitably-run independent boarding school in York has chosen a TOTEM micro-cogeneration (m-CHP) based system from commercial heating and hot water specialist, Adveco Ltd, for sustainable and cost-effective provision of power and heating throughout the school estate.

Working in partnership with Brentwood Consulting Engineers and contractor John Wright Electrical and Mechanical, Adveco recommended the installation of two TOTEM T25 m-CHP units and an Adveco MSS5000 for a pre-fed boiler system.

The system provides £37,000 in annual operational cost savings and reduces Bootham school’s CO2

generation, helping adhere to its Quaker values.

Electrical generation by the m-CHP would decrease the energy import of the school, as well as lowering carbon dioxide emissions. Heat generated would be delivered to the


ACCREDITED BY 2020 The Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) has announced its intention to ensure all distributor members are approved as Accredited Distributors by 31 December 2020.

The CHSA Accreditation Scheme for Distributors ensures standards in the industry are maintained. Our Standards: Your Guarantee.

Approval as an Accredited Distributor means the distributor has successfully passed the independent inspection of its products, which must be supplied by a CHSA Accredited Manufacturer or conform to the standards stipulated in the relevant Accreditation Scheme. The rate of conformance amongst members during 2018 was excellent – 97.5% of relevant products across all Accredited Distributors are from CHSA Accredited Manufacturers.

The Accredited Distributor Scheme 08 | TOMORROW’S FM

hot water circuit which operates constantly through the entire school.

Adveco also provided Bootham school with a Full Maintenance Contract, covering all moving parts and controls, that guarantees long- lasting CHP unit efficiency. “Whilst

was established on 1st January 2017, all distributor members of the Association being invited to apply to join. More than half of the CHSA’s distributor members, including all the national networks and major distributors in the sector, applied and successfully completed the rigorous auditing process. These companies now use the Accreditation Scheme marque on their products and promotional materials to signal their commitment to guaranteeing “what’s on the box is what’s in the box”.

CHSA distributor members who have not joined the Accredited Distributors Scheme cannot use the Accreditation Scheme marque.

“The CHSA stands up for standards,” said Stephen Harrison, Chairman of the CHSA. “Our Accreditation Schemes provide the guarantee buyers of cleaning and hygiene products need – you get what you pay for. To make sure this guarantee is true for all our distributor members, our governing Council voted unanimously to aim to ensure every distributor member has passed the auditing process and

joined our Accreditation Scheme for Distributors by the end of 2020. From 1st January 2021, those who do not do so will no longer be members of the CHSA.”

To join, distributors must sign a declaration that they will only stock and offer for sale CHSA Accredited products or products that conform to the same Standards as required by the relevant CHSA Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Scheme and conform to the Association’s Code of Practice.

there are high servicing costs, we factored all of that into the total lifecycle costs. This means after 10 years rather than replacing the whole unit we can simply extend the contract with Adveco, saving the capital cost of installing new units,” said Craig Pierotti, Estates Manager, Bootham School.

Running data was analysed against the pre-contract predictions which shows that the units are performing better in terms of cost savings per run hour. By extrapolating the figures to give a full year’s running (6,677 hours) the payback periods for the project will be achieved and Bootham School should save an estimated £36,996. Importantly, the CHP system also enables the school to adhere to its Quaker values with CO2 (kg.CO2

savings of more than 115,500 ). The NOx emissions are also

greatly reduced with emissions from the TOTEM units less than 40 mg/kWh of electricity output. boothamschool

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