MORTAR PRODUCTS Rizistal, a manufacturer and supplier of industrial grade repair products for construction, FM and engineering projects, has introduced the Fast Cure Epoxy Repair Mortar and Asphalt & Tarmac Epoxy Repair Mortar to its range of products.

With 50 years of experience producing products for floors and surfaces, each product is put through rigorous testing to meet the requirements for ISO quality standards. This level of quality is vital when dealing with damaged surfaces as left without repair they can cause slips, trips, and other hazards.

Minimal Downtime

Fast Cure Epoxy Repair Mortar - Rizistal RM30 cures fast to minimise downtime and keep your operation running smoothly. Just two to three hours after application, floors are ready to handle light traffic, and just four to five hours after application surfaces are good as new, ready for heavy traffic. This product is ideal for environments that may operate 24


SOLUTION British start-up, Wave Illumination, is launching WaveGo, a simple and highly accurate handheld light measurement system that is able to characterise light sources across various locations.

Poorly lit buildings impact our circadian rhythms, productivity and health. On average, we spend 90% of our time indoors under artificial lighting. Good lighting reduces the risk of health problems, increases safety, and enhances productivity. Inadequate and unsafe lighting can be extremely dangerous with many injuries and deaths caused every year. From wellbeing and design to efficiency and compliance, applying spectral knowledge can improve our lit environment.

To manage light quality, it is 12 | TOMORROW’S FM

important to be able to measure in- situ. Measurement is an important first step in understanding light around us, as it drives the solution. However, measurement devises currently available are difficult to use, inaccurate and unconnected.

The WaveGo harnesses Ocean Optics Technology along with the power of the user’s smartphone to deliver quick, accurate and essential metrics for quantifying light on the go. The device captures not only the lux,

hours a day or need a quick solution to a potentially critical repair.

This is a two-part product; aggregate resin blend and hardener. It is simple to use, and powerful in the repair of cracks and holes or to build up uneven surfaces, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be used on concrete, masonry and ceramic floors. Available in a wide range of colours and can be purchased in either 10kg or 20kg packs.

Heavy Duty

Asphalt & Tarmac Epoxy Repair Mortar – Rizistal RM190 is specifically designed for hard repairs thanks to

the high-tech epoxy resin formulation which makes it stronger and longer lasting than other traditional bitumen based products on the market.

and intensity of light, but also colour temperature, colour rendering, and perceived colour information. The handheld lighting measurement device connects to the WaveCloud, an online data storage platform, the data is recorded and instantly shareable via email and accessible anywhere from app or desktop.

Wave Illumination, an internal start- up in the Halma group, spun out of Ocean Optics, combines scientific expertise with the resources and global reach of a FTSE 100 group. Paul Higham, Business Manager, at Wave Illumination, said: “The impact of light is far more complex than simply colour and intensity. Understanding light beyond a simple lux measurement will help harness its power to unlock hidden value. WaveGo will enable our customers across a huge range of industries from retail to horticulture to unlock the value of light.”

The superior, high-strength formulation allows for thinner repairs than conventional products and can be used for filling holes, wide cracks, and crevices in asphalt, tarmac and concrete floors and surfaces. It is ideal for use outdoors, as well as indoor use and can be used to repair heavy traffic surfaces including car parks, garages, loading bays, service lifts, roller shutter doors and much more.

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