Safety A Further Finishing Touch for Highly Acclaimed Fire and Gas Controller

MSA has recently upgraded the SUPREMATouch, their highly respected modular Fire and Gas Controller, allowing users to operate 256 measurement inputs and 512 digital outputs.

The new MAI 30 module is the next generation of the Analogue Input Module of MSA’s SUPREMATouch Fire and Gas Controller system. All the tied and tested features of the former MAI 20 module have been retained and combined with the new and extended hardware and software features. The state-of-the-art electronic design reduces the number of individual modules to operate different kinds of gas and fl ame detectors from 11 to just 3 allowing a signifi cant cost reduction in system design and maintenance.

The SUPREMATouch MAI 30 Module now offers HART capability. This enables combining the SUPREMA Touch with appropriate MSA fl ame – and gas detectors and makes it possible for users to perform a quick and convenient evaluation of the instrument status.

The new MAI 30 module is embedded into the SUPREMATouch. The unit has attained ATEX approval for safety related applications as well as being SIL 3 approved by TUV. Additional Ethernet and USB ports are placed on the rear terminal board to improve communication with SUPREMATouch.

For commissioning and maintaining large systems Windows based SUPREMA Manager PC software is available which also provides for printing of system

reports. SUPREMA Manager PC software will get an approval acc. to EN 50271. For More Info, email:

Revolutionary ATEX Z0 Torches with 300% More Life Expectancy

email: For More Info, email: email:

Adding to its ATEX safety-certifi ed lighting options, Peli™ Products, the global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced portable lighting tools, has introduced the unique ATEX Zone 0 (Category 1) compliant Peli™ 3315RZ0 and 3315RZ0-RA torches with 300% more life expectancy. These new LED lights are powered by a revolutionary lithium ion rechargeable battery that provides a life expectancy of over 2,000 cycles, 4 times more than the 500 cycles that batteries usually last. Moreover, the 3315RZ0 and 3315RZ0-RA are engineered for use in Zone 0 hazardous environments, which makes them the perfect choice for professionals working in Oil & Gas, Fire & Rescue, Offshore, Mining, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, among other hazmat industries. Lightweight and with a small compact design, it offers three lighting modes (high/low/fl ashing), providing up to 132 lumens of clear brilliant light and up to 34 hours of run time. Additionally, they feature a full-time battery level indicator conveniently integrated into the switch. Their ergonomic polymer bodies are engineered with a sure-grip texture and include a lanyard for security. The 3315RZ0-RA (Right Angle) LED torch is equipped with an articulating head that includes an integrated stainless steel clip that allows for hands free applications. Both lights boast an ingress protection level of IPX7, protecting against the harshest outdoor conditions. These new additions to the lighting line come with Peli’s legendary

lifetime guarantee (where applicable by law). For More Info, email:

email: For More Info, email: email:

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Casella Celebrates Intrinsically Safe Approval for Apex2

Following a rigorous testing process, Casella has announced Intrinsically Safe approval for its Apex2 personal sampling pump range, with class leading performance and capability.

Instruments supplied for application in atmospheres where there is a risk of explosion must be designed with the appropriate safety requirement critical in achieving IS approval; protecting the equipment and ensuring it is safe to use. Achieving the IS certifi cation for the Apex2 range ensures that monitoring and analysis of dust exposure can be carried out safely and effectively in these areas. The range includes three separate models - the Apex 2, Apex 2 Plus and Apex 2 Pro, with different functionality to meet varying requirements; all designed to monitor workplace dust levels to help protect workers from developing long latency health problems as the result of occupational exposures.

Incorporating Bluetooth connectivity with Casella’s bespoke Airwave software; workers can be monitored remotely without being distracted, boosting productivity levels. Monitoring specialists can view the status of their dust sampling pump on a worker and start, stop or even pause the tool from a smart device. This software is simple and easy to use, providing real-time status updates, allowing collected data to be emailed alongside photos and notes, adding context to the data and further simplifying the reporting process.

Tim Turney, Casella’s product manager said: “Achieving the IS accreditation for the Apex2 sampling pump demonstrates our commitment to providing solutions that ultimately help to enhance the long term health and quality of life for workers operating in high risk sectors. The Apex2 IS has also gained the certifi cation without compromising the power and battery life that the Apex2 is known for, allowing it to be used with many types of air sampling media.”

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For More Info, email: Messe Düsseldorf GmbH Postfach 101006 _ 40001 Düsseldorf _ Germany

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Optimal personal protection hinges on having the right equipment. And every aspect of it has to be right too: functionality, wearability, and acceptance among users. At the No. 1 trade fair the market leaders will be presenting their latest products – for the best possible protection from head to toe.


17.-20. Oktober 2017 Düsseldorf, Germany





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