Analytical Instrumentation

Soluble Fraction, Ethylene Content and Intrinsic Viscosity determination for Quality Control Laboratories of Polypropylene Plants

Polymer Char’s CRYSTEX® QC means a step forward in technology for

automation and precision of Soluble Fraction determination (amorphous fraction) in polypropylene and polyethylene resins. Based in TREF technique, it has been developed for continuous operation in manufacturing plant laboratories with minimum bench space and utilities requirements.


QC overcomes all the diffi culties of the gravimetric methods based on xylene solubility and traditional wet chemistry, by eliminating sample weighing, external fi ltration or extraction devices, and all the associated tedious manual operations. Therefore, no handling of any solvent by the

operators is required, neither external fi ltration nor solvent evaporation.

Ethylene content and Intrinsic Viscosity can be measured as well in the same analytical process, which takes approximately 2 hours starting when the sample is put in the vial up to fi nal results, being ready once again for consecutive sample analyses. Precise quantifi cation is achieved by means of an infrared detector, so no analytical balance is needed with CRYSTEX®


Fully-automated analysis of up to 42 samples, known to be homogenous (pelletized) can be performed using the same technology in the new CRYSTEX®

42, but with samples that weigh up to 300 mg.

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Next Generation Freezing Point Analyser Released

PAC is launching the next generation of the ISL FZP 5G2S, the world’s leading Freezing Point Laboratory Analyser.

The newly redesigned OptiFZP offers improved productivity with proven reliability and accuracy. The user-friendly interface on a 7.1” colour touch screen allows users to start a test with just the touch of a button and view a real-time graphic display of the test, improving customer experience and accelerating lab productivity.

The patented built-in cooling system, unique detection cell, and automatic cleaning help lower the cost of ownership, while producing accurate results up to -100°C (-148°F) in under 15 minutes. The new model includes all the standard data exporting capabilities (USB, RS232, network printing) as well as LIMS connectivity through the IRIS platform.

OptiFZP offers superior correlation to the manual method with excellent sensitivity to contaminated samples. This proven analyser is compliant with ASTM D7153 and IP 529 and has perfect correlation to ASTM D2386 and IP 16.

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Improved Distillation Plants for Petroleum Products

Crude oil samples and petroleum products are usually fractionated by following the ASTM-standards D2892 (TBP) and D5236 (Potstill).

The thermodynamic defi nition of ASTM D2892 (packed column, separation effi ciency ~15 theoretical plates, thus overlapping range ~15...20°C) results in an FBP (fi nal boiling point) of ~400°CAET at 2 mmHg (Torr).

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The corresponding data of ASTM D5236 (open tube column, no refl ux ratio, separation effi ciency ~2 theoretical plates, thus overlapping range ~18...30°C) result in an FBP range 540...565°CAET at 0.1 mmHg (Torr).

As bitumen ranges from 560...600°CAET, thus far beyond the D5236 capabilities, many end-users require a modifi ed D5236 unit to additionally cover the bitumen range, and provide “bitumen data” in a safe and reliable mode.

This demand can be easily realised by a modifi ed Potstill unit, which is based on extended thermodynamic D5236 conditions enabling a signifi cantly lower operating pressure (vacuum) of 0.001 mmHg with reasonably high distillation rate (better than original D5236 units). The extended D5236 conditions actually guarantee an FBP range of 620...650°CAET. However, the overlapping range of an extended D5236 unit (i-Fischer® original D5236 unit (i-Fischer®

Dist D-5236 CC). Here it is essential to realise,

that any constant long-term operating pressure (high vacuum) of 0.001 Torr cannot be achieved by a simple oil diffusion pump, and this fact is taken into account in ILUDEST’s/i-Fischer’s design.

Increasingly and for several years, the ASTM related fundamental conditions no longer suffi ciently satisfy modern research requirements when developing

new “high-end” petroleum products. Consequently, distillation units related to improved thermodynamic conditions are required. The overlapping range depends on the separation effi ciency of columns. While the ASTM-norms deliver a quite “moderate” overlapping range, a problem can be that the data yields of D5236 are quite poor considering modern research requirements such as high separation effi ciency with reduced overlapping range in the case of heavy products (400°CAET “+”).

With these considerations in mind ILUDEST/i-Fischer developed a distillation unit similar to D2892, characterised by: high separation effi ciency (25…30 theoretical plates) - also under vacuum 0.1 Torr (!); low overlapping range 5...10°C; operating temperature range up to 560°CAET; operating pressure range ATM….0.1 Torr (mmHg); covering the temperature ranges as per ASTM D2892 and D5236, combined in one single plant equipped with a packed column; distillation rate better than comparable D2892 unit, and fl ask size 30 ltr.

This unit was installed and commissioned at a client’s site in Germany in 2012, and continues to perform to the high standard expected.

Even these sophisticated technical requirements were surpassed by a request received from a customer in South Africa, a major player in the Petro Chemical Field, looking for an even more extended operating range up to 600°CAET(!). Again, ILUDEST/i-Fischer developed a distillation unit similar to D2892, characterised by: high separation effi ciency (30 theoretical plates) - also under vacuum 0.001 Torr (!); low overlapping range 5...10°C; operating temperature range up to 600°CAET; operating pressure range ATM….0.001 Torr (mmHg); covering the temperature ranges as per ASTM D2892, D5236 and extended D5236 HV, combined in one single plant equipped with a packed column; distillation rate signifi cantly better than comparable D2892 and D5236 units despite much lower operating pressure (100...1,000 times lower vacuum), and fl ask size 30 ltr.

In 2014 this unit was installed and commissioned in South Africa.

These innovative projects “Make the Impossible Happen” and were served by ILUDEST’s/i-Fischer’s original high-end brand FISCHER® AUTODEST®

, known and respected worldwide.

At ILUDEST’s/i-Fischer’s it is essential to install with their products a set of comprehensive features as per the international refi nery safety standards as well as the European Machine Directives. In this respect ILUDEST’s/i-Fischer are always ready to consider any additional requirements as specifi ed by their potential users.

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The brand new Milestone (USA) PYRO advanced microwave muffl e furnace, distributed by Analytix (UK), brings considerable time saving benefi ts to ashing, a traditionally time-consuming task.

The instrument, only available in the UK and Ireland from Analytix, brings together the key features of the three outgoing models, the PYRO, PYRO XL and PYRO SA.

The PYRO is especially suited to the petrochemical industry, with huge time savings to be made while preparing samples such as heavy oil. Oil typically takes 960 minutes to be ashed in a traditional muffl e furnace, but that time is almost quartered, taking just 230 minutes in a PYRO system.

The PYRO’s fl exibility allows three confi gurations: ultrafast heating, high sample throughput, or sulphated ashing. The PYRO is a highly-effi cient alternative to conventional muffl e furnaces and dramatically reduces ashing times from hours to minutes.

Other key features include fast heating, requiring just eight minutes only from room temperature to 1,000°C or 10 minutes to 1,200°C, and fast ashing, requiring just minutes instead of hours.

The PYRO also offers high sample throughput, with up to 24 samples handled simultaneously and increased safety, with no exposure to heat or fumes and even temperature distribution across the 70-litre muffl e cavity.

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Quicker, Safer Ashing and Analysis with Advanced Microwave Muffl e Furnace

Dist D-5236 HV) is identical to the

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