Measurement and Testing New, Fast Boiling Point Process Analyzer to Debut in California

Bartec Benke recently displayed their new rapiDist-4 Analyzer at the ISA Analysis Division’s 62nd Annual Meeting in Pasadena which took place on 23 – 27 April. This analyzer’s launch was very well received in Pasadena and is expected to be highly sought after across the globe.

The rapiDist-4 offers rapid, reliable and accurate boiling point measurements to allow for fast process control of atmospheric distillation columns and blending processes for all types of middle distillates and feedstock for petrochemical processing (naphtha), jet fuels, fuel oils, diesel fuels and similar petroleum products and liquid hydrocarbons.

The rapiDist-4 is capable of taking measurements from IBP to FBP, programming the analyzer is relatively simple and the results will correlate with ASTM D86. rapiDist-4 offers an ASTM D86 conform validation, which is optional. The cycle time is only 10 to 15 minutes (for diesel 10 minutes). The core components of this unit, such as the dosing unit, vaporiser, condenser and receiver, also meet the design specifications set out by ASTM D86.

The analyzer incorporates integrated diagnostic and maintenance features, which include an automatic decoking devise and remote access. rapiDist-4 also features a non- contact and very robust optical level measurement for the dosing and receiver unit.

The highly robust rapiDist-4 is certified to operate in hazardous areas under ATEX, IECEx, CSA C/US, TRCU, among others on request.

Vapour Pressure Analyser RVP-4

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The BARTEC BENKE Vapour Pressure Analyser RVP-4 is the only available solution on the market for a broad sample spectrum ranging from crude to LPG. The RVP-4 analyser is a result of close communication

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and listening to customers’ requirements all around the world. The passion for providing the best technical solution to customers and the dedicated service that BARTEC BENKE provides has led to a large installed basis. The latest RVP-4 generation does not require any flame arrestors and is completely certified according to NEC500, NEC505, ATEX and others. This achievement is based on a pneumatically driven piston, which is located inside a large volume-measuring cell. The complete analytical part of the analyser has been laid out to be completely intrinsically safe and can even accommodate for backpressure in a given return line.

Based on the technical highlights, it is possible for viscous sample such as crude to be analysed without the necessity of implementing any additional wash cycles. In fact, the RVP-4 is the only analyser compliant to the ASTM D6377 at measurement temperature of 100°F (37.8°C). It is also possible to measure the vapour pressure at different temperatures e.g. True Vapour Pressure (TVP) for storage tank applications. The robust design of the analyser-measuring cell allows even high volatile and high-pressure samples (e.g. LPG) to be analyzed with an unmatched performance.

The analyser also features all common networking possibilities for customers e.g. Modbus RS485, TCP/IP and others. Another unique feature is the possibility to access and control the analyser via internet connection, which means the BARTEC industrial tablet PC Agile X will be the perfect companion for remote access location requirements. The ex-protected military-spec rugged mobile device withstands shock, vibration and 4-foot drops. It can be operated in a wide temperature range of -20 °C to +50 °C, allowing the tablet to be used in the toughest of industrial environments. With IP65 rating, the device is dust tight, and can withstand water jets against the device enclosure. The huge 10.1” high-resolution display provides perfect viewing for all daylight conditions bringing alive presentations, schematics and applications.

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rapiDist-4 Analyzer Get all the benefits of the process analyzer for fast boiling point detection!


Borsigstraße 10 21465 Reinbek/Hamburg Germany

Phone: +49 40 72703 201

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 Measuring points from IBP to FBP, free programmable  Results correlating with ASTM D86  ASTM D86 conform validation optional  Cycle time from 10 to 15 minutes (for diesel 10 minutes)  Core components meet ASTM D86 design (dosing unit, vaporizer, condenser, receiver)  Optical level measurement for dosing unit and receiver (non-contact and robust)  Integrated diagnostic and maintenance features (includes automatic decoking and remote access)

Hazardous area certifi cates IECEx, ATEX and CSA C/US in progress, TRCU and others on request. To learn more about our products and applications, please check our website AUGUST / SEPTEMBER • WWW.PETRO-ONLINE.COM

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