52 Safety A Reliable, Continuous Pump For Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems Emissions

ContinuousEmissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) play a hugely important role in environmental protection. Stack and exhaust emissions are subject to a variety of stringent, regional regulations which need to be adhered to. The THOMAS 1610 AC vacuum pump from Gardner Denver fulfi ls all of the necessary requirements that need to be met by a CEMS in industries that need to ensure they are complying to their local environmental legislation. It distinguishes itself through continuous operation and excellent performance stability throughout its lifetime thus facilitating accurate fume and emissions monitoring.

The maintenance free operation, long lifetime and stable performance of the 1610 AC pump ensure that users are given outstanding durability and reliability. This pump has a long life span due to its confi guration. Operators do not need to break any molded inlet or outlet ports as the 1610 has threaded ports. Gardner Denver have incorporated FKM elastomers in the pump to ensure chemical compatibility and the pump’s effi cient heat extraction means that users can enjoy reliable, continuous operation.

The 1610 AC vacuum pump, especially when combined with Gardner Denver’s SR25 peristaltic pump, is perfect for use for gas detectors and collectors. It can be used in a wide range of locations such as large combustion and incineration plants, for cement, lime, kilns etc.

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NET New Advanced NDIR Head – Point Open Path

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N.E.T. strategy is to keep adding new technologies to its product portfolio. We are already competent in IR technology and we have developed the new Point Open Path IR and laser sensors, that will be even more selective and accurate. POP-S-IR (Point Open Path) is the new entry in IR family, that NET will launch during Sensor+Test 2017 in Nurnberg. It has been specifi cally developed to have fast response time (≤7 s) and high immunity to humidity changes.

POP-S IR sensor head is equipped with incorporated electronics and fi rmware, in order to provide an output that is linearized and temperature compensated, specifi cally suited for instrument manufacturers without any prior knowledge in IR technology. It is available with standard voltage output [0.4 V—2 V] dc, with a customised output or with 4-20mA current output.

The main features are: • Full conformity ATEX and IECEx explosion proof IR sensor head for surface applications • Analogue voltage standard, customised output or 4-20mA current output • Supplied with RAIN COVER • Fast response ( T90 ≤ 7 s ) • Solid, rugged construction • Wide operating temperature and humidity range SIL2 (TÜV approved)

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Stay Active in Gas Detection with the new IR DYNAMIC RANGE SENSOR from N.E.T The New Dynamic

sensor introduced by N.E.T. is designed to meet the necessity of costumers for a more accurate detection of Methane over 0-100%Vol range using the technique

of NDIR (Non Dispersive Infrared).

Integrated electronics and factory calibration, of DYNAMIC sensor provides an output linearised and temperature compensated to reach the highest sensing accuracy ever seen on an IR Methane sensor.

DYNAMIC sensor also provides an optional digital output linearised and temperature compensated to detect Propane over 0-2.1% Vol range, which is the best choice for detection of other hydrocarbons using a cross-reference factor.

Digital, analogue or both output can be used to monitor the functionality. By using digital communication, concentration and status of the sensor can be easily monitored for a fast check of the system, while analogue output offers the fastest and easiest way to check the gas concentration.

Rugged, fast, fl exible and easy to use, DYNAMIC sensor is suited for instrument manufacturers who needs to detect Methane and Propane in compliance with Chinese Mine standard.

The main features are:

• High sensitivity for superior accuracy over 0-100% Vol range of Methane

• Resolution of 0.01%Vol over 0-100% Vol range • Dual gas digital output (Methane + Propane)

• Analogue (voltage or pellistor) standard output for Methane or Propane

• ATEX & IECEx certifi ed NDIR sensor • Fast response

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• Chinese Mine standard compliant • Wide operating temperature and humidity range SIL2 (TUV approved)

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