SOCMA’s Manufacturing Solutions Days – answering the growing call for US capabilities

There’s “a growing drumbeat” from offshore manufacturers looking for US capabilities and cross-border partnerships, according to industry intelligence collected by the Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA) through outreach with member companies and its community of speciality and fine chemical industry stakeholders. This article describes new services from SOCMA that facilitate the creation of new business partnerships between US speciality and fine chemical manufacturers and their end-user industry customers.


here has been a significant increase in demand for the fine and speciality chemicals manufacturing services of SOCMA members and the call for

US-based supply is underpinned by increased challenges with access to raw materials and feedstocks due to disruption caused by the global COVID pandemic. Add into this mix continued international and US travel bans and you have a heightened demand and increased urgency for virtual tools and resources to make critical B2B connections in this otherwise fractured business landscape. “This rich intelligence gathered from member

engagement calls and industry stakeholders early in the pandemic provided a clear understanding for our Commercial Services team to enhance existing programmes and accelerate the launch of other virtual initiatives already in the pipeline. SOCMA’s portfolio of digital commercial products is uniquely geared to facilitate business connections for companies across the globe,” said Paul Hirsh, Senior Vice President, Industry Development & Strategic Partnerships at SOCMA.

SOCMA is inviting speciality and fine chemical companies to showcase their expertise and share capabilities during a series of

Manufacturing Solutions Days, the first of four such one-day events this year having already taken place on March 10.

Manufacturing Solutions Platform

These 15-minute sessions replicate what many companies know as “Exhibitor Showcases” in the trade show arena. These forums also bring to life SOCMA’s Manufacturing Solutions Platform, a 24/7, digital tool introduced in June 2020. Once launched, the platform saw immediate utilization by SOCMA member companies, fulfilling the need for enhanced procurement efforts and customized dialogue through a virtual setting. This tool is a marquee to almost 400 unique views each month and receives a contact facilitation rate approaching 50 B2B connections. Industry buyers and those responsible for purchasing, sourcing, R&D, engineering, as well as process management personnel, can utilize SOCMA’s Manufacturing Solutions Day sessionsto learn and network with industry colleagues and potential business partners. There are limited exhibit opportunities still

This rich intelligence gathered from member engagement calls and industry stakeholders early in the pandemic provided a clear understanding for our Commercial Services team to enhance existing programmes and accelerate the launch of other virtual initiatives already in the pipeline.

available in these Manufacturing Solutions Day sessions, and SOCMA is inviting companies to contact Owen Jappen, Senior Manager, Industry Development & Strategic Partnership at ojappen@ if they are interested in sharing their capabilities and bolstering business growth.

Lead Sheet service

As the pandemic caused continued disruption and uncertainties throughout the global supply chain, SOCMA also saw a spike in usage of its Lead Sheets, an industry matchmaking service launched in 2018. Lead Sheets connect potential project partners and leverage SOCMA’s in-house technical expertise.

Through the Lead Sheet programme, SOCMA’s expert staff work with companies to Issue 2 • March/April 2021

develop project lead sheets that are distributed to its membership network. SOCMA’s goal is to help build business connections and streamline the project evaluation processes for both manufacturers and customers. With a broad network of speciality and fine chemical manufacturers and industry alliances, SOCMA is strongly positioned to connect manufacturers and customers and the association routinely receives inquiries from members and non- members seeking information on member company product development and manufacturing capabilities.

Both the Manufacturing Solutions Platform and Manufacturing Solutions Day complement the Lead Sheets, and several of SOCMA’s leads circulated to member companies in January this year received seven potential matching partners. “With a continuously shifting landscape and an intricately connected global supply chain, SOCMA believes digitization is here to stay,” Hirsh said. “My teamwill continue to explore new, unique ways to help manufacturers make these critical B2B connections.”

Further information Paul Hirsh, SOCMA Senior Vice President, Industry Development & Strategic Partnerships, at See also


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