competences in rechargeable battery materials and recycling support the current industrialization of electric vehicles, and our expertise in fuel cell technologies positions us well for the next generation of emission-free mobility.

“I would also like to focus more on another opportunity for Umicore PMC: the future of chemistry and catalysis in the life science and chemical industries. Novel catalysis is enabling more efficient and shorter chemistry routes, and

combining this factor with optimized metal recycling remains key for greener chemistry. As such, we continue to work in close cooperation with industrial and academic partners to reproduce the success of metathesis and cross-coupling chemistries

Umicore PMC: new ligands, new technologies

Last December, Umicore‘s business unit Precious Metals Chemistry further expanded its cross-coupling catalyst portfolio by acquiring Ruhr-Bochum University’s YPhos ligands and catalysts technology. Cross-coupling reactions are recognized as one of the most elegant and versatile synthetic methods for preparing high-value chemicals and have become essential in the synthesis of agrochemicals, electronic chemicals, fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Invented by Professor Viktoria Gessner’s research group, YPhos ligands are a novel class of phosphines bearing ylide substituents with electronic and steric properties that support active transition metal catalysts, particularly in reactions where strong electron-donating ligands and steric protection of low-coordinated species are required. Compared to the currently best known phosphine catalyst systems, YPhos ligands, combined with specific palladium catalysts, have shown superior

performance in room-temperature Buchwald-Hartwig amination of aryl chlorides. In addition, they have proven highly efficient in a wide range of challenging palladium-catalyzed alpha-arylation of alkyl ketones with aryl chlorides under mild conditions. They also give excellent performance in gold- catalyzed hydroamination and hydration reactions using low catalyst loadings under mild reaction conditions. Umicore now offers a selection of YPhos ligand and catalyst systems on research and commercial scale with research quantities available from the

company’s distribution partner Merck/MilliporeSigma. Previously, in October of last year, Umicore’s business unit Precious Metals Chemistry and Merck/MilliporeSigma established an exclusive

cooperation agreement for the supply of research quantities of Umicore’s advanced homogeneous catalysts through Umicore is continuing to develop its portfolio with innovative and effective catalyst technologies, which will also be made available to the scientific community via Merck/MilliporeSigma.


alongside developing further new and more environmentally friendly applications for catalysis.”

For further information on Umicore and its various business units visit www.

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