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In December 2020, for example, a scientific review paper that discussed the possible antiviral effect of supplementation with the polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA and DHA against COVID-19 was published. It was suggested that omega-3 maintains the functionality of cell membranes, specifically activates immune cells and plays an important role in the inflammatory processes of immune defence. These essential fatty acids also inhibit viral replication by inducing the production of interferon. The author of the study concluded that supplementation may be useful both prophylactically in at-risk groups and in affected individuals.

To stay with the fibre example, more than 150 studies have looked at the links between a high-fibre diet and the composition of the microbiome or the gut-lung connection. Taiyo’s Sunfiber (PHGG) was tested for its ability to be metabolized by bacterial strains, predominantly of the genera Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, in a yet-unpublished laboratory analysis from 2020. As a result, growth derived from Sunfiber as the sole carbohydrate source could be measured in all 19 strains of the two genera.


Annelore De Boe is Product Manager Functional Fibres at BENEO

Filip Van hulle is Senior Manager at Kaneka Pharma Europe

Michel Burla is the CEO of Nutriswiss AG


BENEO has many years of experience in the development and production of ingredients that add nutritional and technological value to products, staying true to the company slogan “Connecting nutrition & health”. Its portfolio includes functional carbohydrates from sugar beet, prebiotic dietary fibres from chicory root, plant-based proteins and rice ingredients.

Kaneka Pharma Europe is the global pioneer in the production of natural coenzyme Q10 and the only supplier of pure, natural ubiquinol, the most active form of CoQ10.

Nutriswiss AG specialises in the refining of high-quality, tailor-made edible fats and is the Swiss leader in special and organic products. For national and international food manufacturers, the catering, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, as well as artisan bakers, crude oils from all over the world are neutralized, bleached, modified by fractionation, transesterification or hydrogenation, mixed and deodorized. At its headquarters in Lyss in the canton of Berne in Switzerland, a total of 90 employees produce around 55,000 tonnes of high-purity edible oils and fats annually, 95 percent of which are of vegetable origin. Under the brand name, Belfina, sister company Grüninger supplies the national catering trade, food craft and retail trade with special fats and margarines. Nutriswiss is part of Centravo Holding, which was founded in 1879.

Taiyo focuses on the development of innovative and natural ingredients with added health value. Since the company was founded in 1946, Taiyo has established itself as a leading manufacturer of emulsifiers, stabilizers, egg- and tea-based products and functional ingredients for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Taiyo has manufacturing facilities around the world. At its in-house research center Taiyo Race, the company develops state- of-the-art products and formulations that meet the latest market trends.

This article is based on answers provided by interviewees featured in akp public relations’ “Trend Topic: Immunity” survey. Part 2 of the article will be published in the May/June 2021 issue of CKH.

Issue 2 • March/April 2021 49

Laura Ingenlath is Quality Manager at Taiyo GmbH

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