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Taking its toll: Midland Expressway is introducing number plate recognition

Lichfield Garrick: brought to life in virtual reality

Theatre brought to life in virtual reality

Lichfield's beloved Garrick Theatre has been brought to life in virtual reality, thanks to a new project carried out by two Lichfield and Tamworth Chamber members. UK Surveyors (UKS) and Golddust

Marketing have been working together on the project to help keep local hospitality venues in people’s minds during lockdown. UKS worked with Lichfield Garrick

Theatre to produce a 3D virtual tour of the arts venue, showcasing the extensive Covid- 19 protection measures which have been put into place by the theatre, to ensure that visitors feel safe when the theatre reopens. Ellen Kentesber, deputy marketing manager at the theatre, said: “The 3D tour is absolutely perfect, thank you so much. We are very excited and are already getting views including lots of unique visitors. The feedback we have received about service from the team at Lichfield Garrick has been first class.” UKS produces 3D virtual tours using the

latest data capture technology, which offers a cost-effective way for businesses to reassure customers that their business is Covid safe. During the last 12 years, the business

based in Lichfield has been providing customers with fire zone plans, licensing plans, and building surveying services.

Speeding payments on Toll

Midlands Expressway Ltd, operator of the M6 toll road, is introducing an automatic number plate recognition system, in a bid to speed up payments. The company claimed the system – being

delivered in partnership with transportation firm Stantec - would help give the road a ‘world- class’ tolling system. The first number plate recognition cameras

are due to go live this month, initially as a pilot project for vans and trucks invited to take part in the trial, before being gradually introduced for use by all other road users. Midlands Expressway chief executive Andy

Cliffe said: “The investment in the new infrastructure will deliver a world-class tolling system, enhancing the customer experience, improving further our strong record of journey time savings and reliability, and increasing the appeal of the road for new users. “Following a rigorous selection process

involving sector leading companies from around the globe, Stantec has been commissioned to carry out the project. As a world leading consultancy, Stantec are responsible for

Council welcomes new leader

Tamworth Borough Council’s new leader has pledged to once again make the town the region’s ‘beating heart’. Jeremy Oates, who has taken over from Daniel

Cook, said: We have a good council and this is a great town with some fantastic assets, but that doesn’t mean we can become complacent, we can’t rest on our laurels. “We need to be more dynamic and more

responsive, just as we have in the last 12 months. “Tamworth was once the beating heart of the

ancient kingdom of Mercia, we need it to be that beating heart again, now and in the future. “We have the opportunity to drive that

change through projects such as the Future High Streets Fund, the Gungate project and the Recovery & Reset programme.

40 CHAMBERLINKApril 2021 “We also need to be an engaging authority,

listening and talking to people so we can go on that journey together.” Former leader Councillor Cook stepped down

after a 12 year stint, after saying he wanted to devote more time to his family. He said: “Other than fatherhood, leadership of

this council has been the honour and privilege of my life.” His replacement has served on the council for

more than two decades, having been successfully elected to represent the town in seven consecutive elections since 2000. He has held various roles, including scrutiny

chair, cabinet member, deputy mayor, mayor, deputy leader and also previously served as leader of the council between 2006 and 2009.

supporting the delivery of some of the best constructed and most technically efficient tolling systems available and we look forward to working with them to deliver a similar standout project for the M6toll.

‘The investment in the new infrastructure will deliver a world-class tolling system’

“The new tolling system is part of the wider

‘Road Ahead’ digital transformation programme which will improve operational efficiencies and further focus the business on the needs of our customers and the businesses and communities we serve. “Deploying the most innovative technology is

central to ensuring we deliver efficient, hassle free journeys for the 50,000 drivers who rely on us each day.” Stantec is currently overall programme

manager for a multi-million-dollar modernisation of the Ohio Turnpike in the USA that will introduce non-stop tolling across the 241-mile corridor.

Plans to establish swim centre at Lichfield retail park

Plans to establish a new swimming facility at Lichfield Retail Park have been given the green light. Four 25-metre pools will be established

at the so-called Swim House in a former retail unit at the park, located on Eastern Avenue, alongside other amenities such as a flotation room and a cafe. Lichfield District Council granted

permission for the change of use at the unit. The Swim House is due to open next year, and 13 jobs are expected to be created.

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