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Ethics key for Generation Z, new report reveals

One in four young people say ethics are the most important reason behind their purchases, according to a new survey conducted by Beatfreeks. The engagement and insights agency, who

works with businesses looking to engage with young people, revealed the findings in its new report Institutions of the Future: A National Youth Trends report into Gen Z and the Private Sector. The report surveyed 2,000 young people aged

between 16 and 21, otherwise known as Generation Z. It revealed that ethics and an authentic stance on societal issues lie at the heart of young people’s relationships with business brands and strongly influence their spending power. Almost nine in ten young people (87 per cent)

pay attention to brands’ ethics when buying from them, with ethics noted as the main reason behind Generation Z’s selection of their ‘favourite’ brand.

Ethics was second only to ‘quality’, voted for

by 50 per cent of respondents, and also beating ‘cost’ which was chosen by just 23 per cent. Beatfreeks say that these findings are

particularly insightful, as Generation Z will account for 40 per cent of global consumers by the end of 2020, highlighting the need for brands to not overlook the purchasing power of young people. Anisa Morridadi, founder and chief executive

at Beatfreeks, said: “Our report shows Generation Z’s willingness to uncover and call out social injustice online, but crucially they believe it shouldn't just be left to them. There is a new expectation that brands will listen, respond, and get behind societal issues, particularly after the enormity of societal change from 2020.”

To download the full report, visit:

Pandemic increases the severity of period poverty

By Claudia Congrave

The severity of period poverty has intensified since the beginning of the pandemic, according to Cysters charity founder and Future Faces executive committee member Neelam Heera. Speaking at a Chamber-hosted International

Women’s Day event, she said that period poverty was still a major issue in the UK. She said that there was a huge gap in women’s

access to sanitary products and education. One in 10 girls are unable to afford sanitary

products and one in 10 women lack the correct knowledge of female reproduction, she claimed. During lockdown, Cysters’ mission has been to

distribute more than 6,000 sanitary towels across the region every week to communities who need them most. Neelam said: “We have now been doing this

for five years and unfortunately, we are still having to talk about period poverty. “The pandemic has shown us that the

burden has only got bigger. We have been sitting on the Government task force for a long time, but we still are not seeing the change we need. In 2021, women should have the dignity of

being able to access menstrual products and period poverty is not a conversation I want to

Neelam Heera: Women should have dignity accessing menstrual products

be having as we move into the next year. We want this year to be the year where we see that change and will continue reaching out to the communities that need us.” Cysters is a grassroots charity that was founded

in 2018, and to dedicated to supporting individuals and improving the health, education and welfare of those with reproductive and mental health issues. The charity is also an adviser on the Government task force for period poverty.

Anisha Morridadi: Ethics are behind spending power

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