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Royal approval for Opportunities Week

The Chamber has received a royal seal of approval for its Commonwealth Opportunities Week. The Chamber received a congratulatory letter

from The Queen, in recognition of its work to drive bilateral trade between Birmingham and the Commonwealth during the themed week.

‘The breadth of engagement that we now have globally within the Chamber has increased massively’

In the letter dated 25 February, the day of the

Chamber’s Commonwealth Conference, Her Majesty wrote: “Please convey my warm thanks to the members of the Greater Birmingham Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce for their message, sent on behalf of the attendees of Commonwealth Opportunities Week, which is concluding today with a worldwide conference. “I much appreciate your thoughtfulness in

writing as you did and, in return, send my best wishes to all concerned for a successful and enjoyable event.”

Search starts for £5m catering supplier

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games has begun the search for suppliers who can deliver nearly £5m worth of catering services for the event. The procurement involves opportunities

to tender for catering services that will operate at both competition and non- competition venues. These catering contracts will support

around 2,000 jobs during the Games. The first procurement for catering services is opening this month and businesses are invited to apply. The contracts will be awarded this

summer. John Crabtree, chairman of the Birmingham 2022 board, said: “These Games have always been about providing tangible, transformational opportunities and this is a great demonstration of how real those benefits can be. “We have a well-earned reputation for

delivering incredible food in the city and region, and I know there are talented, ambitious, proven suppliers who will be relishing the opportunity to bid for these lots.”

Mandy Haque, international director at the

Chamber, said: “I am delighted with the success of the Greater Birmingham Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce activity and how it is demonstrating immense value to members wanting to trade bilaterally. “The breadth of engagement that we now have

globally within the Chamber has increased massively and we can use our international connections to help businesses grow. “There are a whole range of trade

opportunities to explore within the 54 countries of the Commonwealth and here at the Chamber we have support for businesses of all sectors on their international journey. “I am also really excited to

announce in commemorating Commonwealth Day we have launched a dedicated toolkit for Commonwealth Chamber members, enabling access to an online suite of resources to support international trade and connections with Commonwealth countries.”

Commonwealth Chamber Patron

One is pleased: Mandy Haque with the Queen’s letter

Residents are offered £2m to get Involved with Games

Birmingham City Council is ready to splash the cash to get local residents interested in next year’s Commonwealth Games. The council is offering £2m to residents in its

69 wards, under its ‘Celebrating Communities Small Grants Funding Scheme’, so that people ‘feel involved’ with the event. The grants will be available for various

initiatives, ‘Get Active’, ‘Ready, Steady, Fun’ and ‘Celebrating Culture’. The first is about ideas for encouraging people

to get active by participating in sports and recreational activities. ‘Ready, Steady, Fun’ is about projects to

ensure a local area is ‘Games ready’, which can range from making improvements to communal space to hosting celebrations to ‘connect people and foster civic pride’. ‘Celebrating Culture’ is about coming up with

initiatives that encourage intergenerational activities. The council said: “Proposed schemes should

harness the power of culture to bring people together, celebrate their identities, Birmingham’s

place in the Commonwealth and the culture, heritage and stories of their communities.” Council leader Ian Ward said: “We're

determined that the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games will be a Games for everyone. “Of course, not every district and

neighbourhood will have a venue for the main competition, but through this fund residents and community groups can play a big part in a city- wide celebration. We want everyone to embrace our status as a proud host city and, thanks to this funding, there are lots of ways for communities to get involved. We hope Celebrating Communities will help unlock some of the local excitement and help make the events of 2022 memorable for the people of Birmingham.” The deadline for the first round of applications

is 1 June 2021. Voting will take place to select the successful bids between July and September, with projects commencing in October. An application process for round two will then

get underway with projects being selected and going live in early 2022.

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